UEFA congratulated the referees and could not find fault with Mbappé’s goal

UEFA congratulated the referees and could not find fault with Mbappé’s goal
UEFA congratulated the referees and could not find fault with Mbappé’s goal

Referee Anthony Taylor and his assistants received congratulations from UEFA for the way they led the Nations League final between France and Spain (2-1) on Sunday, marked in particular by the goal much discussed by Kylian Mbappé.

Controversy? What controversy? For UEFA, the decision of the referees to validate the goal of Kylian Mbappé is not the subject of any discussion. According to the former Spanish referee, Iturralde Gonzalez, the European confederation praised the performance of the Englishman Anthony Taylor, his assistants and those in charge of the VAR for their performances in the final of the League of Nations between France and Spain ( 2-1). As after each meeting, they analyzed their performance with the delegates, including Roberto Rosetti, president of the referees at European level.

“They did not attach the greatest importance to this action because within the refereeing team they are very clear about what is offside,” Iturralde said on El Larguero on the Cadena Ser. They gave much more importance to Koundé’s possible hand because more refereeing criteria come into play than on Mbappé’s action. Mbappé’s goal is clearly legal. There is no In terms of refereeing – whether at UEFA or within the Spanish elite – it is a very clear action.

Koundé’s hand more discussed

“The only thing more discussed was to know why this hand did not result in a penalty, he continued. But nothing more.”

As of Sunday evening, Iturralde Gonzalez had validated the decision of his former colleagues. The latter have applied to the letter Law 11 of the IFAB regulations according to which “a player in an offside position who receives a ball deliberately played by an opponent, including with the hand or the arm, is not considered to derive any advantage from his position, except in the case of a deliberate rescue by an adversary “. “Performing a ‘rescue’ consists of intercepting, or attempting to intercept, the ball heading towards the goal with any part of the body except the hands or arms (except the goalkeeper in his own area). repair) “, further specifies the text.

The ball touched by Eric Garcia in his attempt to clear the pass from Théo Hernandez therefore put Kylian Mbappé in play. The PSG striker took the opportunity to deceive goalkeeper Unai Simon a few moments later. The goal was then validated by video assistance, leaving the Spanish clan incredulous. But not UEFA.


UEFA congratulated referees find fault Mbappés goal

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