Near Toulouse. He climbs a 40-meter crane to unblock the situation of his disabled son

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Published on 6 Oct 21 at 12:41

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On Wednesday October 6, 2021, a father climbed a 40-meter high crane, located in the town of Cugnaux, to change the situation of Axel, his disabled son and for whom a transfer to an adapted establishment in the Gers. (©Illustration/Adobe Stock)

On Wednesday October 6, 2021, a man in his fifties got perched on top of a 40-meter crane on the commune of Cugnaux, near Toulouse.

Fight for his son

The man, who is called Olivier Gutierrez, installed banners. He wants to publicize the fight he leads for his disabled son, Axel, 24 years old.

“We are awaiting an emergency placement for our son in the Castel Saint-Louis establishment in Ordan-Larroque (32). My husband will not get off the crane until the placement is effective ”, indicates to Toulouse news his wife Chantal.

The crane … as the only solution

The family is at the end of the line … After asking the authorities for help, from the prefects to the President of the Republic through local elected officials, “without result” according to Chantal, Olivier’s father only found the solution to the crane to get things done.

Departmental border problem

The history of this family is that of many families in France. Chantal says:

“We are parents of a young adult, Axel, 24, more than 80% disabled, with Prader-Willy syndrome. Having discovered the existence of a center referenced in this pathology in the Gers, our son did an internship there on March 31, 2017. At the end of this internship the establishment gave a favorable opinion on his admission, since he is on the waiting list. Our son still not having been referred to an establishment for adults, we were called to an operational group of synthesis (GOS). During it, on December 16, 2019, the head of GOS 31 told us that our son would never have a place in the only adult home that accepts to receive him since he is located in the department. du Gers (Ordan Larroque) and that we lived in Haute-Garonne ”.

The family is trying to move on

For two years, the couple has changed their situation to meet the criteria requested: they bought a house in the Gers while continuing to live in Cugnaux “as long as Axel goes to his IMP for adolescents in Colomiers (Institut Médico Pédagogique – Autan Val Fleury) this to respect his habits and not further traumatize him ”.

She continues:

“The fact of making a loan at our age (58 and 57 years) for the acquisition of our new home and to keep our current residence endangers our family financially but we are ready to do it for the well-being and the balance of our son Axel ”.

Administrative situation blocked

Today, Axel’s situation is completely blocked administratively despite a last meeting, in July, which seemed likely to lead to a welcome from Axel.

The process of getting on a crane is therefore a last-ditch approach for this family.

Poor parents

“Today, Axel’s difficulties are numerous: stress, day and night anxiety, frustration, incomprehension, suffering, feeling of injustice, bedwetting, self-mutilation, he bangs his head against the walls, gives himself slaps, shaves part of the hair… As parents, we feel helpless and too often powerless, exhausted in our daily life. We are in great suffering due to this uncertainty and to the anguish of our child… ”

On this national day of carers, the couple asks only one thing: that their son can finally be placed in the specialized establishment of Gers. And that their family can find a little serenity.


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