TikTok: Maddi Brooks shares her husband with her own mother

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TikToker Maddi Brooks says she shares her husband with her mother.

Triangles are no longer all that rare. However, when both mother and daughter are part of this constellation, it seems very strange at first. Like the TikToker Maddi Brooks.

Cologne. If the parents and the partner get along well, that’s actually a good thing. The relationship between the mother of a TikToker and her boyfriend is for most of them more than strange at first.

It’s about the user Maddi Brooks, who caused very divided reactions to their relationship with her TikToks. The reason? Maddi describes herself as a “swinger”, which means she and her partner live out their sexuality not only with each other, but also with other people. Just like Maddi’s mother.

And so it happens again and again that Maddi’s husband becomes intimate not only with his wife, but also with her mother. “Me and my mom are both swingers and that’s great. Do you know why? “, Maddi turns to her fans in a TikTok and then explains:” If I’m not in the mood, I’ll leave my mother to my husband. ”

TikTok: Maddi Brooks shares husband with her mother

Her mother and partner can also be seen in the video, hugging each other and grinning. A very special case of family life. The comments below the clip are accordingly extreme. Many are shocked, others suspect a joke behind the video.

“That was enough TikTok for today,” comments one user and another emphasizes: “That’s pretty funny and I’m still trying to express myself nicely.” Other clips show Maddi and her mother kissing as well. This makes the audience wonder whether Maddi’s father also plays a role in the relationship.

However, Maddi seems happy with her lifestyle and stresses that it makes her happy. One thing is certain: Such a constellation is certainly not something for everyone … (mei)


TikTok Maddi Brooks shares husband mother

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