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Thomas Seitel is a professional winder because of his underpants world record

Thomas Seitel is a professional winder because of his underpants world record
Thomas Seitel is a professional winder because of his underpants world record
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    Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel are expecting their first child together.

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    The pop singer is said to be in the fourth month of pregnancy.

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    For example, he advertises glasses. Here he ran in 2019 for the Rodenstock show.

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    He got into modeling through his ex-girlfriend Anelia Janeva, who also danced for Helene Fischer.

Baby happiness for Helene Fischer (37) and Thomas Seitel (36): As “Bild” learned from the hit star’s environment, the two parents become. “Helene is in her fourth month, the baby is supposed to be born in February or March. The whole family is overjoyed, ”said a friend from Seitel. It is an absolute dream child. Because: “Both have longed for a family of their own.” But who is the soon-to-be daddy of the Schlager baby anyway?

Helene Fischer’s partner was already on stage with her: When the musician was still with Florian Silbereisen (40), Thomas Seitel accompanied her to her performances as a dancer and acrobat. Before that he went on tour with the legendary Cirque du Soleil. He did gymnastics as a boy. “I was hyperactive as a kid and gymnastics was the only sport after I came home tired. My parents decided that this was the right sport for me, ”he once revealed on the ARD show“ hallo hessen ”.

World record for putting on underpants

In addition to gymnastics, Seitel should also be a professional in diapering. The acrobat was able to secure a place in the Guinness book in 2008 thanks to a curious competition. Thomas Seitel managed to set a world record on the RTL show “Guinness World Records” by putting 82 underpants on top of each other in five minutes. Changing his offspring’s diapers quickly should therefore be easy for him.

Thomas Seitel works as a model

When he’s not floating through the air or competing in a pair of underwear, the well-trained German also works as a model. He’s doing advertising for glasses, for example, and smiling from the cover of a men’s magazine. He discovered modeling through his ex-girlfriend, who was already a photographer and has already photographed stars like Michelle (49), Vanessa Mai (29) and even Helene Fischer. He was with Anelia Janeva (37) for nine years. She has also danced for Helene Fischer. (bsn)

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    Helene Fischer was born on August 5, 1984 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

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    In 2000, Fischer completed a three-year training course at the Stage & Musical School in Frankfurt, which she completed in 2003 as a musical actress.

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    Helene with her Bambi, which she won in 2017. She already has two of them at home.

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    She set one of her records when she won four Echo awards in 2015. Until then, only the Toten Hosen had managed to do this.


Thomas Seitel professional winder underpants world record

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