“We are carrying out our threats”

“We are carrying out our threats”
“We are carrying out our threats”

Guest from Europe Morning Tuesday, government spokesman Gabriel Attal confirmed the information revealed by Europe 1 concerning the drastic reduction in the number of visas granted to Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian nationals by the French government. He returned to the reasons which prompted the executive to take such measures.


According to information revealed by Europe 1 on Tuesday, France has sharply reduced the number of visas granted to Algeria and Morocco, but also to Tunisia. In question, the fact that these countries refuse to take back their nationals in an irregular situation. The Head of State has indeed decided to halve the number of visas issued to Algerian and Moroccan nationals and by 30% for Tunisians, taking 2020 as the reference year.

Guest of Sonia Mabrouk on Europe Matin Tuesday, government spokesman Gabriel Attal, confirmed this information, explaining the reasons which pushed the French government to take this decision. “I can confirm this information to you, this measure that was taken. In 2018, we adopted the Asylum and Immigration law (…) And the brake on this efficiency and effective deportations is the fact that countries refuse consular passes. From there, we had a dialogue with certain Maghreb countries, then threats. And today we are putting these threats into action, “he explained.

Executive “within a few weeks”

In the case of Algeria, between January and July 2021, the French justice indeed ordered 7,731 obligations to leave French territory and only 22 returned home, that is to say just over 0.2%. “It is a drastic and unprecedented decision but made necessary by the fact that these countries do not accept to take back nationals that we cannot keep in France,” he continued. According to him, Algeria refuses to issue consular passes, a document without which an expulsion cannot be carried out.

“We have been on this site since 2018”, added Gabriel Attal. “We first went through diplomatic work because we have to go to the end of the discussion and the dialogue. Now the decision has been made and it will be implemented within a few weeks. we hope is that this pushes the countries concerned to change their policy and agree to issue these consular passes “, called the spokesman for the government who assured not” to have waited for Eric Zemmour to speak about it to talk about it “and that the first meetings on this subject” started more than a year ago “.

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