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INFORMATION EUROPE 1 – France reduces by 50% the visas granted to Algeria and Morocco

Louis de Raguenel, edited by Manon Fossat
7:07 am, September 28, 2021, modified at

France hardens the tone towards Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. According to information from Europe 1, it has sharply reduced the number of visas granted to these countries which refuse to take back their nationals in an irregular situation.

In the case of Algeria, between January and July 2021, the French justice indeed ordered 7,731 obligations to leave French territory and only 22 returned home, that is to say just over 0.2%. And this observation is explained in particular by the fact that Algeria refuses to issue consular passes, a document without which an expulsion cannot be carried out. A figure that made Emmanuel Macron jump to several defense councils this summer.

A halving of the number of visas issued

After trying several approaches, dialogue, conditioning development aid, and finally threats, the executive finally moved to sanctions. A decision taken secretly just a month ago, quietly. The Head of State has decided to halve the number of visas issued for Algeria and Morocco, and by 30% for Tunisia, taking 2020 as the reference year.

Over the first 6 months of 2020, around 63,000 visas were issued, for 96,000 applications, i.e. an issuance rate of 65%. A figure that worsened over the first 6 months of 2021 during which more than two out of three visa applications from Algeria were satisfied by France. Emmanuel Macron therefore asked the consular services of the Quai d’Orsay to issue for the next 6 months, a maximum of 31,500 visas, or a division by two. The year 2019 had also reached records with 275,000 visas granted to Algeria.

While immigration occupies the front of the political scene, the Head of State knows it, he does not have much time left before the presidential election. And if he wants to correct his migratory record, he has no other choice than to take radical decisions.

Figures for Algeria from January to July 2021

Obligations to leave French territory: 7.731

Consular passes issued: 31

Effective evictions: 22 (execution of evictions: 0.2%)

Visas requested: 11,815

Visas granted: 8,726 (issuance rate = 74%).

In 2019 (year not affected by the Covid), 504,173 visas requested, 274,555 issued (rate = 54%)

Figures for Morocco from January to July 2021

Obligations to leave French territory: 3.301

Consular passes issued: 138

Actual evictions: 80 (execution of evictions: 2.4%)

Visas requested: 24,191

Visas granted: 18,579 (issuance rate = 77%).

In 2019 (year not affected by the Covid), 420,388 visas requested, 346,103 issued (rate = 82%)

Figures for Tunisia from January to July 2021

Obligations to leave French territory: 3,424

Consular passes issued: 153

Effective evictions: 131 (execution of evictions: 4%)

Visas requested: 12,921

Visas granted: 9,140 (issuance rate = 71%).

In 2019 (year not affected by the Covid), 192,141 visas requested, 145,917 issued (rate = 76%)

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