Neither racist nor far right? The Republicans are torn apart at the mention of Eric Zemmour

Neither racist nor far right? The Republicans are torn apart at the mention of Eric Zemmour
Neither racist nor far right? The Republicans are torn apart at the mention of Eric Zemmour

The leaders of the party The Republicans are not on the same line to designate the ideology of the former journalist of “Figaro” and CNews.

Within the Republicans party, the Zemmour case caused a stir and divided. Several party officials hesitate, for example, on the terminology to be adopted to qualify the ideology of the one who maintains the vagueness around a candidacy for the presidential election.

“No”, Eric Zemmour is not racist. Far right? “No, he is Zemmour”, opposed the party boss Christian Jacob, guest of BFM Politics. “I know Eric Zemmour, I do not share this Declinist line where it is every day ‘the civil war is going to happen” “, limited himself to indicating the deputy of Seine-et-Marne.

“I respect him, he is undoubtedly useful for the political debate. But there are values ​​that we do not share with Eric Zemmour”, first posed Christian Jacob Wednesday on France Inter.

Ciotti boots in touch

Sunday evening, on our antenna, Eric Ciotti also mentioned the case of the polemicist but without expressing himself explicitly. The deputy sparked a heated debate in early September by declaring that he would vote for Zemmour in 2022 in the event of a second round against Macron. An assertion he did not repeat this weekend.

“I am convinced that the only candidate who can beat Emmanuel Macron will be a candidate from the Republicans, everything else will only help Emmanuel Macron”, confined himself to saying the deputy for the Alpes-Maritimes.

“If by hypothesis there was this duel (Macron-Zemmour, Editor’s note), but I do not believe it, it is Emmanuel Macron who would win it “, believes Eric Ciotti, judging that” there would be a mobilization “against the former journalist.

LR MEP François-Xavier Bellamy, contrary to his political family, said on Monday morning on Public Senate that he did not see what “would prevent” Éric Zemmour from being a candidate for the LR congress, advancing to justify his position that “one cannot reduce the space of the discussion”.

“Red line”

“There is an intangible red line, which is set by The Republicans and by the right, is that we do not accept alliances with the extreme right, we do not make these alliances, and when we want to make them , well we do not belong to the family of the right and the center, “criticized Valérie Pécresse on Monday on BFMTV.

If the president of the Île-de-France region does not tax the far-right polemicist, she nevertheless criticizes the connections he has with this fringe of the political spectrum.

A restraint that Jean-François Cope does not observe, this Monday on franceinfo: “Yes”, Eric Zemmour is of the extreme right, decided the mayor of Meaux, because “he defends his themes”, he justified .

“When you read, when you listen to Éric Zemmour, you find – if you have a little knowledge of all this – the extreme right of Charles Maurras”, in particular because of the thesis supported by Éric Zemmour which is the “theory of great replacement “.

“We’ve been holding firm for 20 years with Le Pen, I would like to know why, all of a sudden, we would give up with Zemmour who takes exactly the same common thread”, compares the former minister of the second five-year term of Jacques Chirac .

“We have reached a level of delirium which, in the general intellectual indifference”, or “the absence of indignation, trivialization”, “begins to weigh heavily”, alarmed the former president of the UMP. “At some point, we have to realize that we are hearing with Mr. Zemmour a speech of the extreme right,” insisted Jean-François Cope.

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