Oliver Pocher defends himself against police use

Oliver Pocher defends himself against police use
Oliver Pocher defends himself against police use
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    Oliver Pocher defends himself on Instagram because of a police operation against him.

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    The comedian was expelled from Hartenholm (D) on Friday.

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    Pocher says to the officer: “And now you want to make a mess here as the village police?”

The latest Instagram video by Oliver Pocher (43) is about the police operation in Hartenholm (D) for 26 minutes. The comedian was taken away by officers on Friday evening. The reason: Pocher had violated corona requirements. The comedian admits this and publishes video material of the entire mission.

Pocher justifies himself by only getting closer to the audience for 45 seconds. Because he jumped from the festival stage on which his friend Pietro Lombardi (29) appeared. The organizer then made use of his house rules and called the police.

Pocher discussed for several minutes with the police and the producer

Pocher says in his video: “I respect the work that the police officers do. But it depends on the situation. ” The situation was clear: Pocher should go when the police officers who have arrived ask him to do so.

The comedian does not comply with the request, he turns to the production manager, who is standing next to the police officers. Pocher says to him: “I want you to be happy that the people perform here.” The production manager points out that it is his job to implement the hygiene concept of the event.

“Do you want to kill someone here as the village police?”

Pocher discussed several minutes with the man and the two police officers present. In the heat of the moment, Pocher says things like: “I can perform when and where I want.” Or to the official: “And now you want to make a sharp attack here as the village police?”

When Pocher stops, although he is asked several times to go to the exit, the police reach for him and lead him away.

Pocher explains police operation: “That is totally exaggerated”(02:59)

Pocher defends himself, the officers let him try to mediate. About the production manager who arranged for him to be kicked out, Pocher says: “I pay his job with and Pietro too, because we are performing here.”

The situation calms down, the comedian is even allowed to say goodbye to his buddy Pietro Lombardi. Pocher comments on the police operation and says: “That was it and then I left.”

Justification doesn’t go down well with fans

His fans do not like the video for use. “You behave like a child, why should you be treated differently or better than everyone else?” Comments one user.

Another writes: “The police did their job and you attacked them in a language that just doesn’t work! I’m a big fan of yours – but this time you’re completely wrong! ”

“An own goal to upload the video”

The comment that over 4000 people liked: «An own goal to upload the video. Embarrassing Pocher. ” (euc)


Oliver Pocher defends police

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