Ed Sheeran to use blockchain for his next concert in France

Ed Sheeran to use blockchain for his next concert in France
Ed Sheeran to use blockchain for his next concert in France

Ed Sheeran returns for a concert at the Stade de France. The singer has made an appointment with his fans next year, on July 29. On this occasion, his fans will have the opportunity to test a new ticketing system. Indeed, the pop star will use blockchain technology to deal with the black market and its abuses.

Is blockchain the future of the entertainment industry?

Tomorrow at 11:00 am, Ed Sheeran fans will be ready to get the Holy Grail. 75,000 tickets will go on sale to fill the Stade de France on July 29. From 40 to 80 euros a ticket, the singer will offer an exceptional show with a central stage.

On the occasion of this next European tour, the British artist will achieve a world premiere in the field of entertainment. Indeed, to fight against the black market, the ticketing will use blockchain technology. With a high level of security, each entered data cannot be modified or falsified. Thanks to this device, your ticket is protected.

Upon payment you receive, of course, proof of purchase with your name, email address and phone number. But you won’t really get your ticket until a few days before the concert. And not before! You will have a notification which will give you access to a QR code, necessary to enter and enjoy the show.

This new kind of ticketing has already been tested, with success, during Euro football matches at Wembley. But in the entertainment world, this will be a first.

An effective technology against the illegal resale of tickets

If you plan to print your ticket or take a screenshot of the QR code, this will not be possible. Yes: this QR code is said to be dynamic. So, without a smartphone, you can say goodbye to Ed Sheeran’s concert.

If you cannot attend the concert, rest assured: it will be possible to resell your ticket anyway. However, it will absolutely be necessary to go through your customer account and only through the official sites. Of course, you can only resell it at the price displayed on your ticket.

The idea is to prevent illegal resales of high-priced tickets. Indeed, unfortunately, many people buy a large quantity of tickets (hundreds or even thousands) to be able to resell them at exorbitant prices to fans annoyed at having missed the boat.

With this ticketing system, the ticket is nominative and available only a few days on the phone with the dynamic QR. But that’s not all ! It will not be possible to purchase more than six tickets per person.

Ed Sheeran’s concert production manager says it’s the most reliable way around the black market.

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