Shortly after the birth of his son: Jason Derulo announces love-off

Shortly after the birth of his son: Jason Derulo announces love-off
Shortly after the birth of his son: Jason Derulo announces love-off

Friday September 24th 2021

Shortly after the birth of his son
Jason Derulo announces love-off

Jason Derulo and Jena Frumes have been a couple for around a year and a half. In the short time they will become parents of a son who will be born in May. But now everything is over again between the singer and his girlfriend.

Her son is not yet six months old and yet their relationship is just a pile of broken glass: Jason Derulo and his girlfriend Jena Frumes have split up. The musician announced this via Twitter.

“Jena and I have decided to go our separate ways,” writes Derulo in his statement. Although she is a wonderful mother, only a separation would produce the “best versions” of the two of them and only then could they be “the best parents”. He is now asking to respect your privacy, the 32-year-old continues.

The couple’s son was born on May 8th. At that time Derulo was still cheering on his Instagram page: “The happiest day of my life, when I brought our little boy (Jason King Derulo) home. He is so lucky to have such a strong, caring heroine as a mother, Jena.”

Met in the gym

During the pregnancy, the singer had spoken to his followers several times about his impending fatherhood. He kept posting pictures that showed him strolling in love with Frumes along the beach or kissing her baby bump.

In 2020, Derulo announced in an interview that he met Frumes in a fitness studio shortly before the corona pandemic and that the two became a couple a little later. In December he spoke publicly about his desire to have children for the first time. At that time, his girlfriend was already pregnant, but the two only shared this with the public in March 2021.

Derulo made his musical breakthrough in 2009. Last year he had a worldwide number 1 hit with “Savage Love”. A hallmark of the singer is that he always sings his own name at the beginning of a song.


Shortly birth son Jason Derulo announces loveoff

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