In France, ministries will have to do without the Microsoft 365 cloud

In France, ministries will have to do without the Microsoft 365 cloud
In France, ministries will have to do without the Microsoft 365 cloud

Last May, the French government presented a plan dedicated to cloud technology. This is a fairly strong act of sovereignty relating to this sector. We know that the 7,500 data centers spread across the planet are a very important issue for States, companies and individuals, by allowing these players to keep their data off their computers.

Concretely, this project takes the form of a “trust cloud” label. It is supposed to guarantee a ” complete independence from US extraterritorial laws “, According to the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire. Clearly, this designation will only be granted to “European companies owned by Europeans” and which have “servers operated in France”.

Departments urged to use secure cloud solutions

According to the Digital Factory, the United States is primarily targeted by this initiative. Confidence seems indeed broken since Uncle Sam, under the CLOUD Act, can order the disclosure of data stored in Europe by American companies.

A few months later, this plan begins to take substance. According to Public actors, the interministerial director of digital (Dnium), Nadi Bou Hanna, has just published a circular which stipulates that the Microsoft 365 offer is not compatible with the new French doctrine. Concretely, the administration will be able to continue to use the very popular Office suite, but without using the cloud version.

The Dnium indeed wishes to secure ” personal data of French citizens, economic data relating to French companies, or business applications relating to public officials of the State ».

And since doing without such services is not obvious, this measure is accompanied by a number of exceptions. We note that migration projects very advanced on July 5, 2021, have a period of 12 months ” for messaging and personal drive services only ».

To replace Microsoft 365, ministries are requested to use an internal cloud device that has received the “SecNumCloud” label issued by Anssi. According to our colleagues, only three companies offer such an offer: Oodrive, 3DS Outscale, OVHcloud.

Finally, it should be noted that public officials will still be able to access Microsoft 365 solutions and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform through the offers of Bleu, a new company launched by Orange and Capgemini. The data will be hosted in France in data centers separate from those of the Redmond firm, according to the Digital Factory.

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