How to use Telegram uncensored anyway!

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The big tech companies Apple and Google have the ability to censor content in Telegram channels. This can be done using the Telegram apps, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Appstore. However, there are ways to circumvent this censorship. At least for Android users, this is easy to do with the original Telegram app – for iPhone users, unfortunately, it looks bleak.

  • Apple and Google censor Telegram content through the apps in their stores
  • Critical channels for corona measures are blocked
  • Instructions: How to bypass the censorship by the tech giants. Install the Telegram app from
  • Unfortunately, users of mobile Apple devices are tied to the app from the store
  • Browser app as a way out for iPhone or iPad users

the Telegram App in the official Apple and Google stores is being manipulated by the tech giants. Instead of simply deleting the app from the stores, which would have caused quite a stir, the censorship fanatics decided to hide this censorship from users as much as possible. The perfidious thing about this approach is that it creates the impression that Telegram itself deletes content or does not make it accessible.


Action-critical channels blocked

Many are affected by such deletions and blockings Channels that are critical of the excessive corona measures taken by governments. Of course, content relevant to criminal law will also be deleted on Telegram. But it is about calls for violence, pornography and the like. Telegram itself does not delete critical content relating to the corona measures or vaccinations. In order to get to the existing information, one can prevent the censorship by Google and Apple.

How to bypass the censorship

Anyone who has an Android smartphone can bypass the censorship with little effort:

♦ To do this, open the browser and simply download the original Telegram app here. Most likely, you will immediately get a warning that you are on an unsafe site and shouldn’t download or install. Briefly check that you are on the right page ( and don’t let yourself be intimidated.

♦ The warning appears here that the download could damage the smartphone. You should only download the app if you trust the source (you can assume that is trustworthy and confirm the download).

♦ Open the downloaded file.

♦ Allow the installation. You can find out where you can make this setting on your smartphone here (or in this translated PDF file -> Settings_Smartphone).

♦ If everything worked correctly, the installation should have worked and the app symbol should appear on the smartphone.

the Incidentally, the app from the store has a white border, the Telegram app itself is only blue. So you can easily see which version you have currently installed.

Web app as a way out for Apple users

For iPhone and iPad users, the situation looks sad, because without a so-called jailbreak (English for prison break), you are, so to speak, at the mercy of the app store. For this it is necessary to connect the phone to a computer with a USB cable. However, the Attempts to break out of the information prison end up with the Apple device being damaged or not working at all. Even with Android phones, you don’t have full access to all functions, but at least you are not tied to the apps in the store. What is called jailbreak for Apple is called “root” for Android devices (derived from the English term “root” for root). For everyone who wants to use Telegram uncensored, switching to an Android device is definitely recommended.

But there is still a possibility for Apple users. You can watch the Get the web app for the mobile phone browser (Telegram WebK or Telegram WebZ). An existing Telegram account is required to use it. You simply register with the telephone number registered with Telegram. For desktop computers there are also the desktop versions Telegram for Windows, Telegram for Linux and Telegram for macOS, which also enormously simplify the data exchange between computer and mobile device.

Here is a video tutorial on how to use Telegram in general and, from the 11:54 time mark, how to use the web app:

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