were scenes really shot in Hauts-de-France?

were scenes really shot in Hauts-de-France?
were scenes really shot in Hauts-de-France?

Sex Education, the Netflix series that deals with loves, life stories and uninhibited sexuality among British teenagers, made its comeback on Netflix for its third season, this Friday, September 17.

In this round of eight episodes, one of them takes place in France: the students of Moordale cross the Channel to come… to Hauts-de-France! High school students come to the Somme to visit a World War I memorial, which has a museum, a memorial or even trenches, and stop at a small gas station. It remained to be seen where the episodes had been shot for those who would have wanted to follow the same tourist route from memory.

On Twitter, many Internet users were offended at not having been made aware of the shooting in France: ” So there, in “Sex Education”, they shot in the Somme and we weren’t aware of it? », Writes an Internet user. ” To say that the filming of “Sex Education” was in the sum right next to us. I would have run there just to see it Said yet another tweet.

But… the reason nobody was told is because the series was not really shot in Hauts-de-France. The most attentive viewers will have noticed that the museum visited by the young people is the “national museum of the Somme”. A quick internet search can be sure: the “national museum of the Somme” does not exist. This is confirmed by the press service of the Somme department, joined by The voice of the North, who clarified that the episode in question ” was not filmed at the Historial de la Grande-Guerre in Péronne ».

All episodes were filmed in the UK

In addition, Netflix, also contacted by us, corroborates: ” All “Sex Education” Season 3 episodes were filmed in the UK », Including the one whose plot takes place in France. The streaming giant invokes ” for health reasons and to ensure the safety of our talents and teams at a time when travel was complicated ».

On Twitter, the account of Forestry England, an organization which manages forests in the United Kingdom, also indicated that the small service station, supposed to be in France, but which does not look at all like the typical French stations, had been created by the team directly in the forest of Mallards Pike, England. ” In January, we hosted the cast and crew at Mallards Pike to film a scene between Otis and Maeve, he explains. The plot takes place in France, but with the restrictions that prevented travel, the production teams created this French gas station instead. ».

In any case, the scenery was realistic, as many Internet users felt like recognizing places they had visited during school trips: ” I made exactly the same trip to France with the school as the one they are doing in “Sex Education”
», Remembers an Internet user, in English. ” Hey ! They are in the same place in “Sex Education” as the one we went to during the trip to the Somme », Marvels another English speaker, before answering another person:«
They take a trip to the Somme and I really recognized one of the places
“! A successful bet, therefore, for the creators of the series who have been able to recreate French places of memory.

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