Vaccinated tourists from overseas in Switzerland without a certificate

Around 50,000 guests, mainly from the USA, have had to be tested since Monday before going to the restaurant or cinema. Your vaccination does not entitle you to a Covid certificate. Now bourgeois politicians are putting pressure on the Federal Council.

Because they are not currently receiving a Covid certificate, guests from overseas have to be tested in Switzerland.

Christoph Ruckstuhl / NZZ

Tourists from overseas were able to move freely in Switzerland until Monday. This changed suddenly with the expansion of the certificate requirement to restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums, leisure facilities and zoos. Such visits, for which there is time and leisure during the holidays, are suddenly no longer so easy. And this even if the tourists are vaccinated. In order to be able to fully enjoy their holiday program, guests from overseas have to test themselves since this week.


Vaccinated tourists overseas Switzerland certificate

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