After Rangers – Lyon in the : At OL, almost everything has changed but not its European DNA

The world has changed, Ligue 1 too. But some traditions are not lost. Solid and convincing against the Rangers, this Thursday evening in its first match (2-0), OL brightened up a European week which, for French football, was sometimes disappointing, sometimes bitter. Once again, one would be tempted to say, so much the Rhone club has Europe in its blood. And it is still and always the best guarantee.

“The MNM will not be a trio as long as Neymar is at this level”

As often, also, we were treated to everything with the six French clubs which launched their campaign this week. In the Champions League: the big disappointment of PSG, unable to beat FC Bruges (1-1) despite the debut of its multi-star trio and the great frustration of Lille, voluntary but mutic at home, against Wolfsburg (0-0 ). In the Europa League, the bitterness of a match that OM would have won nine times out of ten on the lawn of Lokomotiv (1-1), and the very small satisfaction of a frankly sluggish Monegasque success against the modest Sturm Graz ( 1-0). Finally, in the Europa League Conference, a mixed feeling after the unfinished feat of Rennes against the 2019 European vice-champion, Tottenham (2-2).

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A masterpiece and a victory: OL are not kidding with Europe


Messi – Neymar – Mbappé: An animation to improve, an eleven to correct

The overall results of these first outings are obviously not as negative as they have been in recent years. These five French teams have all sown promises, if not hinted at a real room for improvement. Les Gones did what they have (almost) always done: raise their level in the middle of the week. It was not necessarily won, after a half-fig, half-grape start to the season, even if OL had much better control of the reception of Strasbourg, last Sunday (3-1) than its trip to Nantes, before the truce (0-1).

Are OL holding their benchmark match?

Before the meeting, the legendary Steven Gerrard assured that OL “should be in C1“In the attitude and the commitment, the Rhone club behaved in any case as if it were there, which was not necessarily the case of another French club which, him, does not count only participate.

Earlier than Mbappé, Haller and apathy: tops and flops

Better, the Lyonnais never lost the thread or their nerves despite the atmosphere of an Ibrox Park which was waiting for that, and the presence of young players on the lawn (Caqueret, Diomandé, Gusto.) “The start of the match was not good […] but maybe it was normal with the very special atmosphere, noted Peter Bosz, the Rhone coach. After the first goal, I think we played very well.”

On the reserve so far, the Dutch technician has for the first time shown real signs of satisfaction, at the final whistle and at a press conference. The smell of Europe also allowed its players to better apply its recipes. “Is this a benchmark match? I can’t say that cause I’ve only been here two months, he stressed. It’s true that things are getting better and better. […] But in the second half, we played well, really“And if Lyon has really not changed, it could still play very well on Sunday … on the lawn of PSG. For OL, annoying the ogre of the capital was, for a time, another tradition.

Messi-Boateng, a dribble past to posterity

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Messi-Boateng, a dribble past to posterity


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Finally recovered, Denayer arrives launched against the Rangers

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