Nightmare scene: the stroller descends the slope under the eyes of the helpless mother

Images captured by CCTV in Sinop, Turkey, show every mother’s nightmare. A moment of inattention and the stroller escapes.

Something cold in the back. In Turkey, a mother parked her stroller behind her, long enough to stop in front of a store. There in an instant, the stroller, which a baby was in according to local media reports, turns around and begins rolling down the slope.

Three-meter drop

A mad race then begins, the stroller picking up speed and passing cars, before leaving the field of the video. When the mother realizes that the stroller is no longer there, she runs after him, but the child is already far away and she cannot catch up with them.

According to information cited by our colleagues, in particular from the Parisian, the stroller and the child would have finished their race after a fall of three meters from a wall. Fortunately, the outcome of this scene, as surreal as it is appalling, is not dramatic and the child, rushed to hospital, escaped with only a few minor injuries.


Nightmare scene stroller descends slope eyes helpless mother

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