Education. Why students born in 2010 have been the target of harassment since the start of the school year

Education. Why students born in 2010 have been the target of harassment since the start of the school year
Education. Why students born in 2010 have been the target of harassment since the start of the school year

Mockery, threats, insults … Since the start of the school year, many students have been the target of a very specific harassment, exclusively reserved for those born in 2010. A hashtag # Anti2010 has even reached 40 million views on the social network platform TikTok, and “anti 2010 squad” accounts have been created there. A worrying phenomenon which pushed the FCPE to react this Thursday and to ask the government to act.

“Harassment should in no way be trivialized or taken lightly. (…) It is unacceptable that children are victims of an appeal to hatred, a call to death on social networks associated with images It is not acceptable that States, which are signatories to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, do not take up this issue, that is to say protect children on social networks and in their uses of digital, “recalled the federation.

In response, the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer reacted in a video posted on his Twitter account: “I see that there is a movement which is rising and which consists in badly welcoming the 6th grade students, and to annoy students born in 2010. This is obviously completely stupid, it is against our values, remember when you were 6th yourself, it was special to come to college and you were counting on the benevolence of everyone. world”.

This harassment seems to have spread beyond social networks, as Julie, 11, explained before the start of the school year in an article in La Voix du Nord: “I am not on social networks, but I go to skate park regularly and the older ones keep telling us that we, the 2010s, are going to be hit and insulted when we return to college on Monday because of videos made by other people born in 2010 on TikTok ” .

But what is the origin of this surge of hatred? According to an investigation by the Parisian, this animosity dates back to last year: several young users of the Fortnite video game were criticized by the oldest “for not respecting the codes”. The group effect of online games regularly gives rise to harassment campaigns on the Web and “it suffices for a player, a little influential, to have had problems with a young person born in 2010 and the phenomenon has taken a big hit. magnitude “, specifies Yasmine Buono, founder of Net Respect, in the columns of the Parisian.

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Another reason, even more wacky, would explain the harassment against 2010. “Pop it Mania”, a song by Pink Lily released in August, would have contributed via its lyrics (“We are the Queens of 2010”) and would in fact have designated 11-year-olds as targets to be humiliated.

If the harassment of 6th year students is nothing new, it has particularly developed with increasingly younger access to social networks. “By nature, they allow the phenomenon to spread”, explains Justine Atlan, general manager of e-Enfance / 3018. And “to train people to have behaviors which they would not have visually, vis-a-vis their victim”.


Education students born target harassment start school year

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