Jean-Michel Blanquer reacts to the # Anti2010 movement on social networks

Jean-Michel Blanquer reacts to the # Anti2010 movement on social networks
Jean-Michel Blanquer reacts to the # Anti2010 movement on social networks

The Minister of National Education published a video this Thursday at the end of the day on his Twitter account, in reaction to the movement that is growing on social networks, and in particular on TikTok.

It is a slogan that has been rising for several weeks on social networks and which has accumulated 40 million views. The # Anti2010 hashtag targets students born that year, many of whom are returning to 6th grade this year.

On social networks, mockery is linked under this slogan, generating a real harassment of these new college students.

Words of disturbing tenor which sometimes take the form of threats and cause concern among children and their parents since the end of the summer and the amplification of the phenomenon, which would have started to spread during the school year past and could be translated other than on digital platforms.

At the end of the day this Thursday, while several press articles, in particular on, appeared to echo the disturbing phenomenon, Jean-Michel Blanquer reacted in a video posted on his Twitter account, calling not to let anything go by addressing college students.

“I see that there is a movement which is rising and which consists in receiving badly the pupils of 6th, and to annoy the pupils born in 2010. It is obviously completely stupid, it is against our values, remember when you were 6th yourself, it was special to arrive at college and you counted on everyone’s goodwill, “said the Minister of National Education.

“Be benevolent in your turn, be vectors of fraternity, be ambassadors against bullying, tell all students born in 2010, tell all 6th grade students ‘welcome to college'”, he then urges, calling for the use of a new slogan, # BienvenueAux2010, instead of the pre-existing hashtag.

In the tweet, the minister recalls that two numbers exist to report incidents of harassment (3020) and cyber-harassment (3018). These numbers are both free and intended for students and their parents as well as professionals.

Clarisse martin BFMTV reporter

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