Pierre Quiroga winner of the 52nd edition of La Solitaire du Figaro (ranking before the jury) – News

He dominated the head and shoulders event, winning 2 stages out of the four contested. On this Solitaire du Figaro, Pierre Quiroga (Skipper Macif 2019) impresses with his ease and maturity. Ultra fast, always well placed, the southerner undoubtedly has this particular and somewhat indefinable “flow” this year which has built the legends of the race.

Pierre finishes this fourth stage in 9th position and is ahead, overall, Xavier Macaire (SNEF Group) by 48 minutes and 22 seconds.

« I took an option on this stage! I sailed as I like: I believed in the open sea, I did not believe in thermal on land. I wanted to push this option fully, not to control, that’s why I did it. It was not the right one. You can pay dearly for it. You can pay for it at the cost of a Solitaire. Fortunately, it did.

It is more than a beautiful loner. She’s an incredible loner, she was a loner on my little cloud. I’m not over it yet, I think it will stay in my heart for a very long time. It is above all a single-handed boat full of pleasures: pleasure on the water, pleasure of trajectories … and that makes the victory much more beautiful.

I was very tired: with the adrenaline, the cry of joy, it feels good! It gives energy to see the team again: Gauthier coming on board, seeing his smile, he tells me how the team lived the day on land… It’s just crazy. Now I’m going to find the relatives, shout a good blow, drink beers and scream again! »


Pierre Quiroga winner #52nd edition Solitaire Figaro ranking jury News

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