Xavier Thuilot, new Deputy CEO of Angers: “There is a start-up side”

In mid-July, Saïd Chabane announced, “A communication at the end of September, if all goes well” about the opening of the club’s capital, of which he owns 99.3%. Asked Thursday, the Franco-Algerian businessman, who commissioned the Swiss fund AKTS last spring to find investors, evaded the question. “We will make a point at the end of September if we have new things to announce, he indicated. Since July, a lot has changed. The story of the DNCG where we met for a week in L2 (before being reinstated in L1 on appeal), it cools, the fight (on TV rights) and the blackmail of Canal + have cooled a lot of things too. If you look at the final ranking of a season, it is almost the ranking of budgets. So we need to look for resources outside to allow us to take a step forward ”, insists the president of the SCO, specifying that the arrival of Xavier Thuilot was not linked to a possible opening of the capital of the SCO.


Xavier Thuilot Deputy CEO Angers startup side

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