Rennes misses its big blow! – Players’ briefing and NOTES (SRFC 2-2 Tottenham) – Football

Rennes misses its big blow! – Players’ briefing and NOTES (SRFC 2-2 Tottenham) – Football
Rennes misses its big blow! – Players’ briefing and NOTES (SRFC 2-2 Tottenham) – Football

Rennes came close to victory (2-2) against a Tottenham diminish Thursday at Roazhon Park on the first day of Group G of the Conference. A draw which will leave some regrets to the Bretons.

Laborde and Rennes almost offered Tottenham …

Faced with a favorite Tottenham of the group but diminished and captivable, Rennes launched its adventure in the group stage of the Europa League Conference with a mixed draw (2-2) on Thursday.

An honorable result, but there was room to do better on the SRFC side, led by two caps …

Rennes is recovering!

Timors despite a Roazhon Park in fusion, Bruno Genesio’s men remained forced into their camp and suffered the events at the start of the game. Due to the technical loss of the Spurs, the Britons were not really threatened so far, but a cross from Lucas dvi by Bad against his side was enough to sanction the failed start of the SRFC (0-1, 11th).

This goal had the merit of finally waking up the Rennais who showed themselves more aggressive under the impulse in particular of the captain Traor. A reaction quickly paid off with a strike from Bourigeaud repulsed by Gollini on Truffert who did not fit his head. A handful of minutes later, on a discount from Guirassy, ​​Tait concretized the strong Breton time by equalizing with a nice shot wraps the entry of the surface (1-1, 23rd)! It was then only a few centimeters Bourigeaud missing to deflect a cross from Truffert point blank.

… then falls asleep

Despite the injury exit of Bergwijn, replaced by Hjbjerg, the English finished better in the first period, like this strike from Kane repulsed by Salin, but the locals were far from admitting defeat and Sulemana, alone at the far post, had a huge opportunity but did not fit his plunging head! The Bretons however knew a big moment of hesitation on the return of the locker room, symbolized by a big fault of Tait on Lucas, not sanctioned (no VAR, phew!), Then by a rush of Ndombl.

A dream of 4 minutes

The SRFC was hot again on a center pushed back in extremis by Aguerd then on a strike from Hjbjerg captured by Salin. Nuno Espirito Santo’s men were not, however, having a great night and one could regret the lack of daring of Rennes in the second period. It was then that the Bretons managed to make a nice movement concluded by a strike from Sulemana pushed back by Gollini on Laborde, the affet, which put Rennes in the lead (2-1, 72nd)! But the joy was short-lived because Hjbjerg equalized immediately by taking advantage of a center devi from Doherty (2-2, 76 ‘). A largely viable goal… Despite this twist of fate, Rennes had the merit of not abdicating, but Laborde missed the target, then Guirassy’s shot was deflected. A draw between pride and regret …

The score of the match: 7/10

Goals, twists and turns and an exceptional atmosphere: all the ingredients have been combined for a good match even if it was not the great Tottenham and we saw a lot of technical waste. Each team will have had its half time overall. And then, no VAR, sometimes it doesn’t hurt …

The goals :

– Ndombl tears off to avoid an exit in touch by making a heel. Kane then surrenders to launch Lucas into the opposing camp. The Brazilian infiltrates right from the surface and performs a low cross. On his defensive return, Bad deflects the ball with his foot and takes Salin wrong at the near post (0-1, 11th).

– Tait requests the one-two with Guirassy, ​​who gives him the pivot. In the axis, just in front of the surface, the former Angevin takes the ball then lands a shot rolled from the right which will beat Gollini to the ground flush with his post (1-1, 23 ‘).

– Following a good movement, Sulemana tries a strike between the surface. Gollini pushes back somehow and Laborde appears to put Rennes in the lead (2-1, 72nd).

– On a cross from Doherty on the right, Tait misses his clearance and the ball goes into the area where Hjbjerg is the quickest to grab it and beat Salin point blank (2-2, 76 ‘).

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Pierre-Emile Hjbjerg (7/10)

Entering the 30th minute instead of Bergwijn, injured, the Dane brought the binder to the game of Spurs. In the second half, the midfielder has above all established himself as one of the most restless players on his team. If Salin fails him for the first time, the goalkeeper can then do nothing about his equalizer at close range.


Romain Copy (5.5) : taken against the first goal following the deviation of Bad then beaten point blank on the 2nd after a cross once again deviated, the goalkeeper can nothing on these two actions. For the rest, he will have made his match with in particular a stop in front of Kane in the first period then in front of Hjbjerg the hour of play.

Hamari Traor (5,5) : in the attitude, the captain will have been the leader of the Rennes revolt after the start of the match rat. Even if his aggressiveness was sometimes limited, the right lateral showed the way and combined well with Laborde. The Malian, however, suffered more in the second period against the technique of Ndombl.

Loc Bad (4,5) : unhappy, the central defender defies the center of Lucas and scores against his camp. An action full of bad luck which symbolizes the too timid match of the former Lensois, yet able to emerge much more confidence.

Nayef Aguerd (5) : decisive during the two play-offs, the central defender was initially more discreet, even if the action of the equalizer starts from his recovery. But Rennes suffered more in the second period and the Moroccan was then more valuable, the image of his rescue of the head, even if he was sometimes on the verge of rupture.

Adrien Truffert (6.5) : caught behind his back by Lucas on the opening goal, the left side later delivered a very big game and perfectly combined with Tait and Guirassy to initiate several dangerous actions. A fairly impressive offensive performance despite some defensive generosity. Replace the 79th minute with Birger Meling (non not).

Benjamin Bourigeaud (6) : as often, the midfielder found himself in the right places and his passes made it possible to make the difference on several occasions. Tait, however, will have stolen the show a little tonight and he tended to force his shots too much at the end.

Baptiste Santamaria (5) : the midfielder has as always given satisfaction in his work in the shadows, but we can blame the former Angevin for lacking audacity in his transmissions in the second period, when we would have liked to see a more conquering Rennes . Replace the 86th minute with Jonas Martin (non not).

Flavien Tait (6.5) : his big fault, not penalized, which obliges Lucas to leave a few minutes later, and his unsuccessful release which leads to the opposing equalization spoil a little an evening which had everything to be perfect. Inspired, hard-hitting and in all the right moves, the midfielder scored the 1-1 goal with a superb strike and initiated several beautiful movements. What a pity…

Laborde Street (6.5) : author of his first goal with Rennes, in fox of surfaces, the defector of Montpellier was rewarded for his exemplary match in the attitude with incessant efforts in the withdrawal and the calls of ball. A true leader, even if he will not have been the most prominent of Rennes offensively.

Serhou Guirassy (7) : we can be center-forward, not have obtained a real big opportunity but have made a match full! This is the case of Rennais, who shone in a pivotal role, with several discounts, including that on the goal of Tait. His calls have also freed up space for his teammates. A big activity. Replace the 90th minute with Mathys Tel (non not).

Kamaldeen Sulemana (5.5) : a mixed match for the Ghanen, who showed good things on certain actions and which is the origin of the second goal with his strike against, but the winger also lacked rigor and lost balls sometimes too easy. Replace the 79th minute with Lesley Ugochukwu (non not).


Pierluigi Gollini (4.5) : The usual replacement for Hugo Lloris did not score points in this match. It would be hard to blame him on the first goal conceded as Tait’s shot is calculated, but the goalkeeper could have done better on the second by catching or deflecting Sulemana’s shot further. A stop on a powerful strike from Bourigeaud 1-0 and that’s about it …

Matt Doherty (4) : his cross which leads to the 2-2 goal is not enough to save the very insufficient game of the right side who suffered against Truffert and absolutely failed to close his lane.

Japhet Tanganga (4.5) : the central defender first made a correct copy with intelligent faults to slow down the Rennes blocks. More difficult at the end with too many missed raises.

Joe Rodon (5) : a correct match for the central defender who made speak his aggressiveness to hold head Laborde and Rennes.

Ben Davis (4,5) : the left side suffered less than its right counterpart, but it didn’t have a very good evening either. His aggressiveness initially allowed him to keep his lane but the Dane was more and more rowdy as the game progressed and he was overtaken by Laborde on the goal of 2-1.

Tanguy Ndombl (6.5) : used for the first time this season, the Frenchman has certainly scored points tonight! The technical quality of the midfielder illuminated this match, like his heel on the opener, and the former Lyonnais, in the coup on the two goals of Spurs, hurt in his calls and his catches ball. He only lacked the regularity since he disappeared in sequences. Replace the 79th minute with Dele Alli (not not).

Oliver Skipp (5) : the young midfielder has shown good technical skills but his passes lacked boldness to bring a real plus.

Bryan Gil (4,5) : first aligned as a midfielder then on the left wing after Bergwijn’s injury exit, the Spaniard made him feel that he has fire in his legs but he has only too rarely shown it and has made a disappointing copy in the end.

Lucas Moura (5.5) : author of a big work on the opening of the score, with the complicity of Bad, the winger gave Truffert a hard time. Rather sharp in his calls and his ball catches, the former Parisian however lacked regularity at times. Injured and replaced the 54th minute with Emerson Royal (non not), as impactful offensively as the subscribers absent in its withdrawal …

Harry Kane (5,5) : a real captain’s match in the attitude for the attacker who has dropped out to press or put away towards his teammates. Salin defeats him on his only shot but the Englishman was invaluable by putting in to launch Lucas on the opener. Replace the 54th minute with Dane Scarlett (non not).

Steven Bergwijn (non not) : the Dutchman had the opportunity to let his speed appreciate on a few returns of the ball and his duel with Traor, whom he had to face head to head, was getting hotter and hotter, but the winger was quickly hurt. Replace the 30th minute with Pierre-Emile Hjbjerg (7, read the comment above).

And for you, who were the best and worst players of the game? Respond in the “comments” area below!

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