Artist JR accuses Cartier brand of plagiarizing his work

Artist JR accuses Cartier brand of plagiarizing his work
Artist JR accuses Cartier brand of plagiarizing his work

CULTURE – “Don’t you think Cartier should respect artists more?” On Instagram Wednesday September 15, photographer JR accused the jewelry house of having plagiarized one of his works.

The French photographer, known for his creations which mix photography and street-art, was indignant at an advertising campaign by Cartier, seen in an airport. “Cartier, total plagiarism”, the artist got angry by sharing a preview of the campaign. “I hope it is not visible everywhere,” he added.

The artist criticizes Cartier for imitating one of his series of portraits: “In 2014, I started a series called“ Portrait de papier ”- I printed portraits in large format, and the subjects had to interact with them. . ” The result gave black and white shots, more or less torn by the models that appeared in color in the tear.

“There are striking similarities to this advertising campaign that I discovered in an airport this morning,” says JR.

And if he admits not having “invented black and white photos and the idea of ​​tearing paper” – in response to certain comments – he points out that his works have been widely exhibited, including in the magazine of the New York Times. It is therefore difficult to play the card of ignorance of his work, seems to imply JR, putting his photos and Cartier’s advertising side by side to illustrate his words.

“As I’m very attentive to ‘collaborations between brands and artists’, I’m also very responsive when I see brands that imitate artists. I am quite tolerant when individuals use my images for personal ends (…) but I think that artists must be heard and defend themselves when their creations are copied by large companies to sell their products ”, concludes the photographer .

Jr. has received the support of many artists, including that of the Ile-de-France DJ Snake. But other Internet users have however questioned the alleged plagiarism. “Honestly, I’m not sure their purpose was to copy you, especially because they have the budget to work with you if they want to, and that would have added value to their campaign,” the One. Two. ”When do you see plagiarism? I love what you do but now I don’t understand ”, asked another.

Mentioned by Jr., the Cartier brand has not publicly reacted.

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Artist accuses Cartier brand plagiarizing work

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