Harassment of teens born in 2010: parents call for “urgent” action

Harassment of teens born in 2010: parents call for “urgent” action
Harassment of teens born in 2010: parents call for “urgent” action

HARASSMENT – “The children of 2010 have become a target: the FCPE asks the government to act urgently!” Here is the appeal of the association of parents of pupils in a press release published this Wednesday, September 15. Particularly since the start of the school year, young college students have been the victims of a harassment campaign which is unique in that it targets students born in 2010.

“Because they were born in 2010, many 11-year-olds are today
the target of insulting, harassment and cyber-harassment campaigns. Yes
the facts were marginal since November 2020, the phenomenon took a
any other magnitude since the start of the school year. It has far exceeded the course of
recreation or altercations at the exit of establishments, where
educational staff can still identify and act, ”warns the FCPE.

Fortnite et pop it

Under the hashtag # Anti2010 or the names “brigade against 2010” and “anti 2010 police ″, comments have been targeting for a few months on social networks these students who have just entered 6th year, with a particular extent since this start of the 2021 school year. . According to The Parisian, this campaign comes in part from the video game Fortnite. According to Yasmine Buono, founder of Net Respect, contacted by the daily, young players would have been guilty of “not respecting the codes”. However, “it is enough that a player, a little influential, has had problems with a young person born in 2010 and the phenomenon has taken on a large scale”, she adds.

Another trigger for this campaign: the broadcast, at the beginning of August, of the video Pop it Mania, by Pink Lily. In it are praised the “pop it” by a teenage girl who sings “we are the queens of 2010”.

As a result, at the beginning of September, some parents expressed their concerns. “My daughter is afraid of going to college on Monday because children born in 2010 would be the target of insults. It would be a Tiktok challenge (or knock knock). Does that mean anything to you? ”Asks a mother on Twitter.

Insults and mockery

Contacted by The voice of the North, his 11 year old daughter explains: “I am not on social networks, but I go to the skatepark regularly and the older ones keep telling us, that we, the 2010s, are going to get hit and insulting when he comes home to college on Monday because of videos other people born in 2010 made on TikTok ”.

“Those who were born in 2010 are insulted by all names,” explains Jules, a 5th year student born in 2009, to BFMTV. “It happened to a boy in my class. My best friend told me he even saw one get hit in town, ”he adds.

On social networks, some voices are raised to defend these young college students:

The president of the Hugo! Association, which fights against bullying at school, fears an “escalation of hatred”. “It is revealing of our society where hatred is more and more present and is displayed on social networks. Children reproduce on their own scale what they witness. It is very serious, we come to discriminate against someone based on their year of birth. Where are we going? ”He asks himself, questioned by BFMTV.

For its part, the FCPE, which recalls that harassment must never “be trivialized or taken lightly”, asks the government “for the immediate establishment of a large-scale watch, as well as the development of a real child protection policy on social networks ”.

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Harassment teens born parents call urgent action

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