Salzburg is preparing to switch to PCR gargle tests

Salzburg is preparing to switch to PCR gargle tests
Salzburg is preparing to switch to PCR gargle tests

“This autumn, the main thing is to convince even more Salzburgers of the Covid vaccination. Advertising campaigns no longer make sense, we will address the individual target groups directly and more personally, ”states Governor Wilfried Haslauer (ÖVP) in a broadcast.

There should be no standstill in dealing with the pandemic. Therefore, extensive evaluation processes have been carried out in the state administration in order to gain lessons and knowledge in crisis management. “The employees in the state have been doing a great job for a year and a half, for which I would like to express my sincere thanks,” said Haslauer.

Vaccination coverage remains too low

“So that we can get through autumn and winter safely and without lockdown, we have to increase the vaccination rate to over 70 percent. It is also important to have a booster vaccination, as protection wears off over time, especially for older people. We have already started with the high-risk patients in hospitals and senior citizens’ homes. From October onwards it will be the turn of everyone else to refresh, depending on the vaccine and the time of full immunization, ”says Deputy Governor Christian Stöckl (ÖVP). Vaccination offers are currently available throughout the state, you can find an overview HERE.

The number of Covid patients in hospitals is increasing

The number of sick people is currently slowly increasing in hospitals. “There are currently between eight and ten people in intensive care units, and these are exclusively non-vaccinated people. But it is more and more younger people who are affected, ”explains Uta Hoppe, Primary at the University Hospital Salzburg, and adds:“ I can only ask again to get vaccinated. We have this key to get the pandemic under control and we should use it. “

Test offer will be adapted to Corona step-by-step plan

The extensive range of tests in the state of Salzburg is to be maintained in the coming months and adapted to the federal government’s step-by-step plan. “If antigen living room tests are no longer approved due to the increasing number of infections, we will switch to PCR gargle tests. Preparations are currently in full swing, ”says Markus Kurcz, Head of Disaster Management in the State of Salzburg. “In contact tracing we are faced with the challenge that there are de facto no restrictions in public life and that we still have to trace all chains of infection to the last contact person,” said Kurcz.

Current data and facts

  • 64.7 of the population over 12 years of age are fully immunized (according to state statistics, 15.09.21, 8.30 a.m.)
  • Contact tracing seven days a week
  • Test stations throughout the state plus “living room tests”
  • 7-day incidence (according to state statistics, September 15, 2021, 8.30 a.m.): 177.5.
  • 1,574 actively infected people in the state
  • 46 Covid patients in the hospital

(Source: SALZBURG24)


Salzburg preparing switch PCR gargle tests

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