Hérault: five dead by drowning, one missing at sea and two wounded on the Béziers coast

Five people would have drowned this Wednesday, September 15 on the Béziers coast. Many relief interventions have been launched and one person is still missing in front of Vias, in a very rough sea.

This Wednesday, September 15 will remain a dark day on the Hérault coast. According to our information, five people would have died by drowning, other victims demanded the mobilization of large means of relief and one last is missing in front of Vias.

Evacuation of beaches that are no longer supervised

“We are doing everything possible to evacuate the beaches, a gendarmerie official confirmed to us on Wednesday. But people are in the water while since September 15 the beaches are no longer monitored and the sea is very heavy. trained and dangerous. “

? Intervention|| The Firefighters of the’ Hérault are mobilized Municipality of Marseillan, Sérignan-Plage and @AgdeOfficiel for early drowning or drowning Rough seas make water sports dangerous ⚠️ Avoid swimming Houle Waves InfoFlash pic.twitter.com/AfW5xoVTXW

– Firefighters 34 (@ SDIS34)

Since this Wednesday morning, a person has died in Serignan-beach, another to Marseillan and three to Agde (an audit is still in court on this municipality). A person is in cardio ventilatory arrest at ways, two were seriously injured, still in Vias, and search resources were sent to the sea to find a man who was reported missing in the same town.

This Wednesday morning, two women were also rescued for drownings. They were hospitalized after being resuscitated by firefighters while they were in cardio-ventilatory arrest. Finally, many rescue operations remain in progress at the end of the day on the coastal beaches.

The star of the SNSM almost surprised himself

At the start of the afternoon, a lifeguard from the SNSM said: “The sea is so rough and rough that our boat could have been overturned when we were leaving to rescue a person in difficulty. We were very surprised, but strong. luckily nothing more. We frightened each other. ” This is to say all the difficulty that rescuers encounter this Wednesday.

However, since Tuesday, firefighters, prefecture, but also members of the SNSM are launching warning messages so that tourists do not get in the water because of the swell, but also very strong currents reinforced by a dull wind. ‘is.


Hérault dead drowning missing sea wounded Béziers coast

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