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The Covid-19 pandemic in Francedossier

If the objective of 50 million first-time vaccinated is on the way to being reached with a few weeks delay on the schedule set by the Prime Minister, the vaccine deployment is no less impressive in view of the initial reluctance.

France, long champion of the world of vaccine hesitation, turned its cuti. The target of 50 million French people first-vaccinated set by the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, on July 21 is on the way to being reached. Just over two weeks behind the executive’s schedule. But the seesaw is impressive.

The French who, according to a survey by Public Health France in mid-December, refused vaccination 60%, are 74% to have consented. Not always cheerful, the health pass was invited to the program on July 12, but the result is there. France is in the leading peloton of the best protected countries, in particular behind Spain and Portugal but ahead of the United Kingdom, the United States and Israel, long shown as an example. Despite worrying holes in the racket, vaccination coverage is, in metropolitan France, sufficiently extensive to cushion the delta wave. The threat of re-containment that hung over the start of the school year has faded in the opinion of modelers from the Institut Pasteur, even if collective immunity is still far away. After nine months of high tension, the executive is celebrating victory. “We can be collectively proud of this performance which places us at the forefront of nations in terms of vaccine protection”, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, welcomed the LREM parliamentarians meeting in Angers on September 7. A shared satisfaction within health institutions. “It’s not …


France obtained strongest vaccine coverage world Liberation

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