Afghanistan: $ 12.3 million found in former officials

Afghanistan: $ 12.3 million found in former officials
Afghanistan: $ 12.3 million found in former officials

Afghanistan is shaken again, this time by a massive corruption case. About 12.3 million dollars (10.4 million euros) in cash and gold bars were found at the homes of former Afghan dignitaries, the Central Bank said on Wednesday. This revelation comes a month after the Taliban took power, denouncing the corruption of the old regime and praising their own transparency.

“The money recovered came from senior leaders of the previous government, such as Amrullah Saleh (the former vice-president, editor’s note), and some security agencies that kept cash and gold in their offices, ”according to the statement from the Afghan Central Bank.

“The Islamic Emirate”, the name given to Afghanistan by the Taliban, transferred everything “to national coffers” in the name of “transparency”, according to this text.

Transferred “to the national funds”

The Central Bank specifies that it does not know “at this stage for what purpose” this cash and these gold bars had been kept.

Under the government of former President Ashraf Ghani, corruption was widespread and endemic. Tens of millions of dollars in aid would thus have been diverted from public funds. The former head of state is himself accused of having taken millions of dollars during his flight to Abu Dhabi, which he has denied on several occasions since.

The announcement of the $ 12 million found comes as the country, controlled for a month by the Islamist movement, faces a shortage of cash. To avoid a collapse of the banking system, Afghans are only allowed to withdraw the equivalent of $ 200 per week per person.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have suspended aid and the United States has frozen Afghan Central Bank reserves held in Washington.


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