new Apple products divide internet users (30 tweets)

new Apple products divide internet users (30 tweets)
new Apple products divide internet users (30 tweets)

La Keynote d’Apple took place Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 7 p.m., and the latter lasted a little over an hour. During this presentation, were unveiled several new features such as iPhone 13 (available in mini, Pro and Pro Max version), new generation iPad, iPad Mini or l’Apple Watch Series 7. Regarding the announced prices, the iPad mini will be available from € 559 ​​in the WiFi version, and € 729 for the Wi-Fi + Cellula version, the new generation iPad will be for 389 € in its WiFi version, and € 529 for WiFi + Cellula, and the Apple Watch Series 7 will be available from $ 399. As for the iPhone 13, here are the prices that have been announced :

  • iPhone 13 mini : 809 euros
  • iPhone 13 : 909 euros
  • iPhone 13 Pro : 1159 euros
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max : 1259 euros
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 1 To : 1839 euros

Internet users have commented widely la Keynote d’Apple on social networks, the design of the products, their price, as well as the new features that have been announced. However, as you will be able to see, reactions are very divided concerning these new products. Here are 30 tweets that revealt the division of Internet users concerning this Apple Keynote.


The iPhone 13 Pro the – expensive is still more expensive than my apprentice salary ud83eudd72


Lol are there really people who rave about the new iPhone range? But it’s the same as last year! Tilting a camera and wouuhhhh some are in a trance phew consumer society AppleEvent iPhone13


I think about it: not to eat for 1 month and buy the iPhone 13


Nasser will give Apple more money for the iPhone 13 than it gave Barca for Messi. I hope he takes the time to send an iMessage to Laporta to thank him. AppleEvent


People’s feeds with content around AppleEvent and iPhone13 right now!

People feeds with content revolving around AppleEvent and # iPhone13 right now!


Apple they believed Luc Besson he was going to film on the iphone 13 pro in fact calm down anyway


We agree that AppleEvent 2021 is the least innovative of the generation timcook ? Homis iPadMini nothing new. The worst being iPhone13 … why not a iPhone every two years in the future


Well, no regrets to have cracked for the 12 just before the summer, because apart from the smaller notch, the iPhone 13 is not really a novelty (and the diagonal photo modules are no) AppleEvent


iPhone 12 users upgraded to iPhone 13 be like AppleEvent

IPhone 12 users who are going to get iPhone 13 look like: AppleEvent


The iPad from 389 € with 64GB (wifi) and 559 € for the one with 256GB .. The most popular 128GB version is not available and the 1st generation pencil is still not included. Good deal ? It’s quite a petty strategy @Apple AppleEvent


AppleEvent : what a desappointment !!! There is nothing at all! Maybe the iPadmini ?! But the rest? !!! As for the applewatch7 blah blah blah….


There are people here they will put 1300 € for 2 hours of batteries in + AppleEvent


IPhone 12 pro and iPhone 13 pro in Apple stores AppleEvent


Ah yes the price is harissa made in Apple AppleEvent Apple iPhone13 iPhone13Pro


The iPhone 12 Pro when he saw the iPhone 13 Pro: AppleEvent


When Apple announced its AI which focuses on its own on video, I was not ready AppleEvent iPhone13


I found the iPhone 13 model AppleEvent


I still have the iPhone 7 while the 13 is going to be released AppleEvent


Not bad this iPhone 12.0.1


CALM DOWN ! The iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB costs 1,839 euros (I selected it with the most beautiful color)


Just bring this ipod shuffel back with better battery and airpod capability and this will sell better than iphone 13 AppleEvent

Just bring back this ipod shuffel with better battery and airpod capacity and it will sell better than iPhone 13.


How Apple sees its users

How Apple sees its users:


L’iPhone 13 sort*
The girls:


Ok apple vent I want: ipad mini 6, iphone 13 mini (I want to try mini) and macbook pro 13 with M1X chip here you are?


They are still strong Apple to make me want to buy an iPad mini when I already have a pro mdr

But really it’s way too expensive for something that will just allow you to take notes because it is too small for many other tasks.

But he’s still sexy


So, like every year we now have “the best iPhone, the best Apple Watch & the best iPad ever created”… until next year More seriously, we had the right to a good refresh / upgrade. No more no less.


2001: iPod
2006: MacBook
2007: IPhone & Apple TV
2010: iPad
2015: Apple Watch
2016: AirPods

Am I the only one who thinks that the most amazing Apple products were made before 2010?

Since then, it’s been a gadget…!

Where have the Designers gone?


Good bah dcp the only thing that hyped me vrmt AppleEvent it’s the iPad Mini it’s really too stylish


Not enough innovation I find personal, it is better to change every 2 years, knowing that apparently now they are more the S so the odd ones like the 11 are not big new things, on the other hand I feel myself on iPad mini, a bit expensive to act as a graph tab


the iPad mini is the star of this keynote

And you, what did you think of this Apple Keynote ? Is one of the products presented caught your eye ? We let you answer this question via our comments area, and if you want to know how it ended the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games, we let you consult our previous article on the subject.

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