Gérald Darmanin “proud of his middle name”: he reveals its origin and answers Eric Zemmour

Gérald Darmanin “proud of his middle name”: he reveals its origin and answers Eric Zemmour
Gérald Darmanin “proud of his middle name”: he reveals its origin and answers Eric Zemmour

Flashback: 2018, on the set of Hello Earthlings. Eric Zemmour, hitherto divisive polemicist for his opinions and his remarks, offers himself an exit on what he considers to be acceptable French first names, thus attacking the chronicler Hapsatou Sy. Outcry on the networks then, as usual, the Web moves on. September 2021, the one who is now likely presidential candidate is doing it again! And everyone reacts …

Guest of RTL this Wednesday, September 15, 2021, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin was questioned about the controversy of the moment. And he then made an unexpected little confidence. “I am very proud that my middle name is Moussa“, he blurted. A remark to counter the words of Eric Zemmour who does not think that one can feel fully French and be proud of France if one does not have a pure first name.”There is no more French than a French by will“, added the minister, who believes for his part that the first name does not create patriotism.

Gérald Darmanin – who should soon be freed from the weight of justice in the context of his rape case – then explained more at length about his middle name. “My grandfather was harki. He fought in 1940 for France. He freed Saint-Amand-Les-Eaux from the Germans, and in three weeks, I have the honor to inaugurate a street in his name: Chief Warrant Officer Moussa Ouaki“, said the 38-year-old minister.

Invited opposite, on RMC and BFMTV, Eric Zemmour continued his crusade for traditional French names, providing a new explanation for his words. “Either the first name is nothing and I do not see why we should not give a French first name, or it is a marker of identity and there we must give proof of love“, he said. Previously, the former columnist ofWe are not in bed declared: “We have to re-create French people (…) What bothers me is that after three generations our children are still called Mohamed.

For the time being, although not yet officially a candidate, Eric Zemmour is being tested by polling institutes which give him up to 8% of the vote, thus especially harming Marine Le Pen …


Gérald Darmanin proud middle reveals origin answers Eric Zemmour

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