A mayor of Lot-et-Garonne violently attacked and targeted by death threats, a young minor indicted

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The mayor of the commune of Clairac was attacked at the end of last week by a minor under the age of 16. He was severely beaten and received death threats. The latter was taken into police custody and placed under investigation.

The facts unfolded at the end of last week. Friday precisely. The mayor of the commune of Clairac, Michel Perat, will not say more on the phone, contacted by our editorial staff. “For the moment, I prefer not to express myself,” he explains.

The first magistrate of this town located a few kilometers from Tonneins was attacked by a teenager under 16 years old. Pebbles were also thrown in his direction. In addition, the elected representative received death threats from this young man who has already been noted unfavorably in this town of Tonneinquais (in particular for damage to public property). Examined by doctors, Michel Pérat received a three-day ITT.

Placed in custody

A complaint was lodged by the elected official. The young boy was arrested by the gendarmes of the Marmande company and taken into custody to answer for these facts.

This Tuesday, September 14, he was brought before the children’s judge. He was indicted for violence. The Clairacais was also placed under the status of assisted witness concerning death threats.

Pending judgment, the young Lot-et-Garonnais is placed in an educational center.


mayor LotetGaronne violently attacked targeted death threats young minor indicted

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