a spelling error from the first words of Eric Zemmour’s book

a spelling error from the first words of Eric Zemmour’s book
a spelling error from the first words of Eric Zemmour’s book

The polemicist’s new book, France has not said its last word, has a typo … from its first sentence.

France has not said its last word. This is the title of Eric Zemmour’s new book which will be available this Thursday in bookstores. And he’s already been talked about a lot. At the head of orders on several online platforms, what the polemicist describes as the “journal of a political autobiography” is seen by some as a program for a candidacy for the Elysee.

This Tuesday, the show

, thus revealed the first lines … which begin with a spelling error.

“I wanted to quote you the very first words of Eric Zemmour’s book. We know that with Proust as with Balzac, the first sentence is capital and sums up the whole novel. This is the case for him too”, launches one. columnists from Yann Barthès’ program, book in hand.

As the journalist rightly points out, there is a typo, from the first sentence of the novel:

“I have sinned, I confess … Sin of pride, sin of arrogance …”, writes the polemicist.

Problem: it would have been necessary to write “sin” and not “sin” which refers to fishing, therefore. The official Bescherelle Twitter account, a reference book in the French language, was quick to react with humor:

The risks of self-publishing

After having edited five books by Eric Zemmour, the publishing house Albin Michel announced last June that it refused to publish the next one, the polemicist then decided to attack his publisher for abusive breach of contract.

But in the meantime, Eric Zemmour therefore had to choose self-publishing, which makes proofreading more complicated, and spelling mistakes more likely. And the journalist from Quotidien concludes: “His great book on France therefore begins with a fault of French”.

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