Antoine Griezmann risks going through hell against Porto

Antoine Griezmann risks going through hell against Porto
Antoine Griezmann risks going through hell against Porto

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“I’ll give it my all, it’s my style. Give everything for them, those who are at the stadium or watching TV. Let them know that I will be this player who is thoroughly and will do everything to be proud of him, of this new number 8. I hope that we will be able to live magical evenings and nights and enjoy together. This is my main goal. We had a great relationship before, and I want to find that again. I know it’s up to me and what I’m going to do. More than words, we need actions ”.

During his interview with Atlético for his return to the Colchoneros, Antoine Griezmann wanted to send a message to the supporters. Many of them did not want his return, following the affair of the famous documentary on his future and his departure a year later. A way of proceeding that had clearly not pleased the Rojiblancos fans. And after a bad game on Espanyol’s lawn last weekend in La Liga, which clearly did not help to mend with the supporters, he will face them tonight for the first time since his return.

Whistles and insults to be expected

A very tense reunion. “Part of the audience will whistle and insult him, that’s for sure. When his name is announced and as soon as he touches the ball. Now he’s just a player like any other. It doesn’t mean much to us anymore. His image has seriously deteriorated. We’re all still hurt by what he did. Time is going to see our pain heal. He will have to regain our trust and our love. It is up to him to be forgiven and to redeem himself. How? ‘Or’ What ? By wetting the jersey and scoring. When he sets important goals, little by little things will get back to normal. Because he can once again become the great player he was, I am convinced ”, for example said Eduardo Fernandez, president of the International Union of Peñas, at theTeam.

In the Spanish media, we talk more about the return of the former idol turned traitor to Wanda Metropolitano than the match itself. “We breathe a certain tension with the return of French. There will be whistles, that’s for sure. As there might also be some applause ”, nuance all the same the daily Mark. The ball is in Antoine Griezmann’s court, who has no room for error on the pitch tonight …

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