Nîmes: a 37-year-old man in serious condition after a violent explosion in a warehouse

An explosion occurred in the Saint-Césaire sector in Nîmes causing a violent fire at ESC fiber. A man was seriously injured, he is said to have come out of the building in flames.

Since 9:00 a.m. this morning, the Gard firefighters have been intervening to an explosion followed by fire in an industrial establishment located in an industrial zone in Nîmes Saint Césaire.

The warehouse of more than 1000 m2, of the company ESC fiber, was severely damaged by an explosion followed by a fire that quickly spread through the building.

An explosion and a building on fire at ESC fiber in Saint Césaire in Nîmes. A seriously injured person evacuated by helicopter. nimes

– Midi Libre Nîmes (@MidiLibreNimes)

An injured man, the fire under control

Sdis 30 reports that one of the establishment’s employees was seriously injured and is currently in serious condition. The 37-year-old was taken into care. The fire is under control, no risk of propagation to neighboring buildings is possible according to the Gard firefighters.

According to the first witnesses on the spot, the victim would have left the building as a human torch.

The warehouse was destroyed by fire.

The large scale deployed to control the fire in the warehouse

The large scale deployed to control the fire in the warehouse
Cathy Rocher

The origins of the explosion are not yet known. Take care in the area.


Nîmes #37yearold man condition violent explosion warehouse

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