Cologne cyclist rolled over: truck driver in court – Rhineland – news

Cologne cyclist rolled over: truck driver in court – Rhineland – news
Cologne cyclist rolled over: truck driver in court – Rhineland – news

In courtroom 217 in the Cologne district court, the experienced expert for traffic accidents has installed a projector for the taking of evidence. During the trial, he will play the video from a surveillance camera that filmed the accident with all its details. Several times he reeled off the collision between the truck and the cyclist. These are shocking scenes that demand a lot from everyone involved in the process.

Duty of care violated – suspended sentence for the driver

The cyclist positions herself at the traffic lights next to the truck driver. She wants to continue straight ahead in the direction of Rudolfplatz. In this situation, the expert is certain, the driver could not see the woman. But the mistake happened beforehand, according to the expert.

While the woman pulled up to the traffic lights, the driver had a total of 17 seconds to see the woman in his side mirror. When the traffic light turned green, the driver would have had to wait until all the cyclists had driven on from that point. However, the driver only allowed two of the three people on the bike to pass. So finally came the collision with the woman.

Cologne judge criticizes shipping companies and politics

The judge sentenced the 45-year-old driver to six months probation. In addition, there is a payment of 2000 euros to the Cologne traffic watch. The judge found a breach of duty of care. If the driver had been more careful, this accident would not have happened. She also said that politics, like shipping companies, left truck drivers alone. Because in many vehicles there are no turning assistance systems installed.

On the sidelines of the negotiation, it was also mentioned that pedestrians and cyclists need to be particularly careful in city traffic. You can never be sure of being seen by the drivers of a truck.

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Cologne cyclist rolled truck driver court Rhineland news

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