All highlights and features at a glance

All highlights and features at a glance
All highlights and features at a glance

In keeping with Apple’s upcoming keynote event on September 14th, the new features for Apple’s new operating system were also presented. Interested parties can download the “Public Beta” version and test the new operating system before the final version is published.

Even if you can’t wait to get the beta version of the software, keep in mind that it is an unfinished version and it may contain some bugs. Therefore, you should definitely make a backup of your iPhone before downloading so that you can get your data back in case of doubt should something go wrong.

Highlights of iOS 15 and iPad OS 15

For the new operating system, Apple has presented numerous new features and updates for existing ones. However, there are a few new features that stand out in particular. We present these to you here.

  • Facetime no longer exclusively for Apple users: The video call feature “Facetime” has been around for some time. However, it was only ever usable for users of Apple products. That is changing now. With the update to iOS 15, users of non-Apple products can also take part in Facetime calls via their browser. A link is simply generated and sent, which anyone can join – without an iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  • SharePlay in Facetime: During the pandemic, many people tried to watch movies or listen to music together, even though they were in different places. Apple solves this problem directly in Facetime by integrating the “SharePlay” function in “Facetime”. With it, videos, movies, music can be played on multiple devices while the Facetime call stays connected.
  • “Do not disturb” function extended: The possibility of issuing notices in full already existed. This function is now being expanded so that the notifications can be filtered. You can choose which notifications you want to receive when the iPhone is in the new “focus” mode. You can also put the mobile phone into a working mode so that only the messages that are relevant to you reach you.
  • Revised communications: The messages that collect on the iPhone are often very confusing. Apple is addressing this problem by always showing important messages right away, while other messages are summarized and can be viewed together. In addition, the app icons are displayed larger than before, and the contact photos for contacts are displayed in the notification center.
  • Automatic text recognition: iOS 15 has a function that can read text from images (Live Text). The camera recognizes typography on photos. For example, phone numbers from posters can be called immediately. In the beta versions that we tested, this new feature worked excellently and is a real asset to everyday users.

Other new features

There are also some new functions and updates for Apple’s own apps.

  • Facetime In addition to the new features already mentioned, it will mainly receive updates regarding the sound and the camera. With the “3D audio” function, the participants’ voices come from the direction where they are placed on the display during the conversation. There will also be new modes for the microphone. This separates the participants’ voices from background noise. The portrait mode, which the camera is already familiar with, is also integrated into Facetime to make the background blurred. To make group calls at Facetime clearer, there will be a grid display.
  • The Apple browser Safari gets a new design, which should simplify the handling with one hand. If you have opened several tabs, you will now find the bar at the bottom of the screen, just like the URL line that was previously positioned at the top of the screen. In addition, Safari users can now group their tabs.
  • In the PhotosApp is mainly extended to the review function.
  • Also the weather-App is being modernized. Overall, there is a larger graphic display with full-screen maps, weather data and with dynamic layouts that change depending on the weather. Animated backgrounds show the position of the sun and precipitation more precisely, and with targeted notifications you can adjust the timing for rain or snow.
  • In the notes-App you can add your own identification (“Tag”) to make the notes clearer. In addition, updates are no longer lost on shared notes, as this is now done via mentions.
The new products will be presented at the Apple event, including the new iOS 15 operating system. © Quelle: Apple Inc.


There will also be new functions for system features in iOS 15.

  • With the “Spotlight “search photos can be searched for people, places, objects and scenes. With the help of the handwriting recognition software, you can also search specifically for text in images (see above). Even handwriting can be recognized with it. You can also search for specific images on the Internet. You can also use Spotlight Search to find shared photos, recent conversations, and the location of your contacts if they were shared through the Find My app.
  • Also the data protection is being expanded, with Apple focusing on the on-device solution. When you receive an email, the sender can no longer see whether the email has been opened. IP addresses will no longer be released in the future. You will also receive a report on the extent to which the location, camera, microphone, photos and contacts have been used by apps that you have given access to them.
  • That Translation feature also gets an update. The function can translate a spoken text in real time and automatically recognizes when you stop speaking so that the other person can answer immediately. In addition, text can now be translated on the entire system.
  • Also for the popular “Memojis“There are numerous updates. There will also be 40 new outfits, hats, glasses, eye colors and new stickers.
  • the Setting up a new device has been revised. If you want to switch from your old to a new iPhone, the data can now be temporarily saved in the iCloud free of charge. For customers who have an iPhone for the first time, the changeover with all data is to be simplified.


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