Dortmund city center: business closes after 102 years – owner is pissed off

Dortmund city center: business closes after 102 years – owner is pissed off
Dortmund city center: business closes after 102 years – owner is pissed off

Another closure in downtown Dortmund. This time it hits a real traditional store that opened its doors in the city 102 years ago.

Dortmund – After the closure of the depot in the Dortmund Thier-Galerie became known, the next hammer follows. On Ostwall, not far from the Westenhellweg shopping mile, a traditional store will close next month after 102 years of existence. The owner is mad at the city of Dortmund and makes his disappointment air in a video.

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Well-known places for shopping Westenhellweg and Thier-Galerie
Well-known shops H&M, Saturn, Depot, Primark, Douglas, u.A.

Dortmund city center: Business will close after 102 years – the owner explains why

“102 years in Dortmund. We are giving up – thanks to the city, the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry, editor’s note). Nobody wants to pull together anywhere. There is construction going on, there is digging at every corner. It doesn’t matter if one stays. Corona wasn’t the big problem for us that we survived it. But with what we then experienced here in this city, I don’t feel like it anymore. I’m pulling the rip cord after 102 years, ”says Andreas Wilhelm, owner of Wilhelm Männermoden, on YouTube.

In the video, which was uploaded on Wednesday (September 8th) and has already been clicked hundreds of times, the Dortmund-based business operator presents itself in a terrifyingly honest manner and does not leave the city where its shop opened 102 years ago.

Owner Andreas Wilhelm is extremely angry with the city of Dortmund and doesn’t want to pay any more taxes

Wilhelm is sorry that his customers have closed the business, but at some point there should also be “an end”. This refers to the huge construction site that has been in front of his shop on Ostwall for months and which, according to him, “has not been entered by any construction worker for 85 days”. With the barriers, the construction site obscures any view of the shop window. Wilhelm is certain that this will deter even loyal customers from visiting.

“I will not be fooled,” says Andreas Wilhelm and looks seriously into the camera. You can see in every fiber of his body that he is mad at the city of Dortmund. And he goes one step further: “I don’t want to pay any more taxes to this city as much as I can.” At the same time, the business owner also emphasizes that he always “would have liked to pay taxes”, but no longer wants to continue doing so.

Dortmund has one of the most attractive inner cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, but many shops are currently closing there.

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Shop on Ostwall not far from Westenhellweg must be empty by October 30th

On October 31, 2021, Wilhelm men’s fashion on Ostwall will be over. Then the shop, which specializes in plus sizes, will close its doors forever after 102 years in the Dortmund city center. Until then there will be a clearance sale with high discounts: “Because this shop has to be empty by October 30th. No furniture, no more, ”emphasizes Wilhelm.

Special thanks go to the customers of his shop who, according to their own statements, were particularly friendly. “That’s not normal in retail.”

Owner Andreas Wilhelm asked Lord Mayor Thomas Westphal a crucial question

Talking to the radio station Radio 91.2 Andreas Wilhelm tells that he even turned to Dortmund’s Lord Mayor Thomas Westphal (SPD) with his concerns and asked him the following question: “I would like to know whether a company that is over a hundred years old is still desirable in Dortmund, with employees.” The question remained however unanswered.

Owner Andreas Wilhelm wanted to know from Dortmund’s Lord Mayor Thomas Westphal (SPD) whether his shop was still wanted, but he got no answer.

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Openings and closings in Dortmund: a lot is changing in the Thier-Galerie and on Westenhellweg

The closure of Wilhelm Männermoden is one of a series of closings and openings in the city of Dortmund. It was only recently announced that the decoration chain Depot will close its shop in the Thier-Galerie in September. Depot was one of the first tenants of the shopping mall and still runs one of the largest stores there.

It remains to be seen whether Depot will get a new tenant quickly. In any case, the Dutch textile chain “Scotch & Soda” has announced its arrival in downtown Dortmund for the last quarter of the year. The brand is currently looking for new employees at the Thier-Galerie location on the Internet. So it is quite possible that the Dutch company will move into the depot branch.

Vacancies do not stop at the prime location on Westenhellweg

The closure of “Brandsup” shows that it is not easy even for new tenants on Dortmund’s Westenhellweg. The store had only opened its doors in autumn of last year as the successor to Esprit, but probably not survived the months-long lockdown. The store in the best location has been empty since spring.

And right next to it is what is currently the biggest problem child in Dortmund’s retail trade: the former Mayersche branch. After moving to the former Roland branch across the street, the 4,500 square meter building is empty. A new tenant has not yet been found.

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