Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello New sports tourer with liquid cooled V2!

Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello New sports tourer with liquid cooled V2!
Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello New sports tourer with liquid cooled V2!

Bang! The new Moto Guzzi model was actually supposed to be presented on the occasion of the big 100th anniversary celebration on Lake Como, so after the big event was canceled, the unveiling took place on a small scale – mainly about the future of the brand and the big plans for a renovation of the location was spoken.

Before we get to that (see below), of course, it’s about the new model: the V100 Mandello. We have been speculating for over a year that there would be a V100, after all, this name really fits the 100th birthday. The fact that this V100 would have a completely new engine platform comes as a surprise.

Even if Moto Guzzi with technical data on the V100 Mandello, the official photos already point to some facts that await us.

The most important point for tradition-conscious Guzzisti: The two key points that have been used for over 50 years have been retained: V2 engine in longitudinal installation and the cardan drive, which is now hidden in a slightly banana-shaped single-sided swing arm. Obviously, the engine is no longer just air-cooled, but also liquid-cooled. The displacement is likely to be around one liter if the name V100 is not just related to the anniversary. It is also interesting that the charge changes in the heads no longer take place laterally (air inlet at the back, manifold in front), but transversely: the fresh air is supplied from the inside, the manifold is on the outside. This should favor the efficient positioning of an airbox.

That we have the new V2 engine Seeing in a sports tourer is also a surprise. Sports tourers have recently gone out of fashion and have increasingly been replaced by crossover bikes (for example the XR models from BMW or the Tracer models from Yamaha). Moto Guzzi has come up with a lot to make the V100 Mandello attractive as a concept at the intersection between naked bike and tourer. In addition to the sleek design, it is above all the aerodynamics that could point the way. For the first time, an electric windshield is being offered on a bike in this category. And that’s not all: the V100 Mandello also has deflectors integrated on the side of the tank, which can extend electrically and thus improve wind protection. We are curious to see what effect you can achieve with it and whether this example will catch on.

The many other components Evidence of Italian sportiness: We see a solidly dimensioned USD fork, radially mounted brakes from Brembo (with radial master cylinder), filigree, golden rims and non-slip tires with Pirello Diablo Rosso IV. The frame consists of a tubular structure.

The entire lighting system is contemporary with LED technology, whereby the eagle-shaped LED daytime running lights, which we know from the current models, should not be missing. A large TFT display is also available, and MIA connectivity will also be available. We also expect Moto Guzzi to equip this “modern” model with assistance systems that are dependent on lean angles.

The Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello is of course more than a motorcycle. It is also a commitment by the parent company Piaggio to the brand, after all, the investment in a completely new, future-proof engine also indicates a further expansion of the model range.

In parallel As mentioned at the beginning, plans for a conversion of the traditional site in Mandello were published. A radical redesign of the huge, largely derelict company site is to begin as early as the end of the year. In addition to modernized and expanded production facilities, a branded experience world is to be created here by 2025, including a hotel, restaurant and an event location that can also enable conferences, seminars, etc. Don’t worry, Guzzisti: The most beautiful part of the old system will be preserved and nicely integrated into the new world. The plans for this come from the American star architect Greg Lynn and are somewhat spectacular (see photo show at the bottom).

Bottom line: A whole range of good news for lovers of the traditional Northern Italian brand. The eagle is alive, it spreads its wings and soars higher in the air than in the last three or four decades! More information will follow after November 23rd, fresh from Eicma!

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Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello sports tourer liquid cooled

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