CoD Warzone: Prime Gaming distributes 3 bundles

CoD Warzone: Prime Gaming distributes 3 bundles
CoD Warzone: Prime Gaming distributes 3 bundles

For Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War you can now secure operator skins, EXP tokens, blueprints, weapon stickers and emblems free of charge with “Prime Gaming Bundles”. We’ll show you how to link the accounts and secure the loot with Twitch Prime.

What kind of bundles are these? If you want, you can now secure three bundles for CoD Warzone and Black Ops Cold War with Prime Gaming. If you have a Prime subscription, the bundles are free. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can test it for free.

We’ll show you in an overview what exactly is in the bundles and how you can now unlock the content. You have until mid-October to save the bundles.

CoD-Bundles – Loot mit Twitch Prime

This is inside: This month Prime Gaming is offering you the bundles “Bogged Down”, “World Series of Warzone Summer 2021” and “World Series of Warzone”.

  • Bogged Down
    • Epischer “Swamp Woods” Operator-Skin
    • Legendary “Track Master” SMG weapon blueprint
    • Epic “Monsoon” sniper rifle weapon blueprint
    • Rare weapon sticker “True North”
    • Epic “swamp fighter” emblem
  • World Series of Warzone Sommer 2021
    • Epic business card “Stolen Crown”
    • Epic “Howl” emblem
    • 1 hour double EXP token
    • 1 hour dual weapon EXP tooke
  • World Series of Warzone
    • Red Ring, Crosshair (Legendary)
    • Tight Rope, Enforcer (Legendary)
    • Blood Money, Weapon (Legendary)
    • Hatchetman, Operator Skin (Legendary)

This is how you pick up the loot bundles

You have to do that: To receive the free bundles, you must have a Twitch Prime membership. You can activate it for free on Amazon and on the TwitchTV page if you haven’t had a test subscription yet.

Now visit the Amazon Gaming loot page and log in with your Amazon account.

If you click on “Pick up now” for the relevant bundle, you will be asked to link your Amazon account to the game account. To do this, you need to have the login data for your Activision account ready. Log in to Activision and then confirm that Activision is allowed to access your Prime Gaming.

Once you’ve done that, you can “redeem in full” the bundle and then repeat the shorter pick-up process for the other bundles.

If you log in to Warzone or Cold War now, the content will be available to you right away.

You have to consider that: That “World Series of Warzone“Bundles can only be redeemed for Warzone from October 7th. You must also have redeemed all three bundles on the Twitch site by October 12, otherwise they will disappear.

On the loot page there are 13 more bundles that will be activated in the next few weeks and months. The next batch of two bundles will be unlocked on October 13th.

How do you like the free bundles? Do you have content that you want to equip immediately or are the boosters more interesting for you? Write us your opinion on the bundle in the comments here on MeinMMO and exchange ideas with the community.

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