Presidential murder in Haiti: Prime Minister to be charged

Presidential murder in Haiti: Prime Minister to be charged
Presidential murder in Haiti: Prime Minister to be charged

There are serious allegations against Prime Minister Ariel Henry. The investigating authority left details open.

After the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, the public prosecutor has filed a motion against Interim Prime Minister Ariel Henry. This emerges from a letter from the public prosecutor to the responsible judge, from which the media reported unanimously on Tuesday. Henry was therefore also prohibited from leaving the country in a further letter to the immigration authorities of the Caribbean state.

The latter letter – which was circulated on social media, the authenticity of which could not initially be confirmed – states that there are serious allegations against Henry for Moïse’s murder. What exactly he was accused of was initially unclear.

Ambushed and shot

The 53-year-old Moïse was ambushed and shot dead by a heavily armed commando in his residence on the night of July 7th. His wife Martine was shot in the process, but survived. According to police, Colombian mercenaries carried out the murder. A Haitian doctor who lived in the United States and an ex-official of the Haitian Justice Department are said to be behind it. There have been numerous arrests, but the case has not yet been resolved.

A few days ago, local media had reported that investigators had invited Henry to comment on phone calls on the night of the attack, which he is said to have had with one of the alleged backers. On Saturday, without addressing the allegations directly, Henry denounced on Twitter diversionary maneuvers that he said were intended to create confusion and hamper the judiciary.

Elections are likely to be postponed

Moïse had named Henry the seventh head of government of his term less than 36 hours before his death. Henry and his cabinet were sworn in several weeks later on July 20 after a power struggle for office. There Haiti has not had a quorum since the beginning of 2020, the 71-year-old ex-interior minister and neurosurgeon could not be constitutionally confirmed in office. Presidential and parliamentary elections were scheduled for September 26th in the poorest country in America. According to media reports, these will be postponed to November.

Some investigators in the Moïse case have said they have received death threats and are therefore in hiding. The judge originally responsible also resigned a month ago – he gave personal reasons. Local media recently reported on power struggles in the government – especially between Henry and Justice Minister Rockfeller Vincent.


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