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Three policemen who wanted to steal money from convicted drug traffickers

Three Marseille police officers today dismissed were sentenced Tuesday to prison terms of up to one year for the burglary of an apartment where they intended to seize the money of drug traffickers. The three men, who formed a night rescue police crew in the 3rd arrondissement of Marseille, in the heart of the city, will serve their sentences at home under the electronic bracelet regime, said the president of the Marseille Criminal Court Cécile Pendariès .

The court imposed two years in prison, one of which was suspended on one of the three men, a peacekeeper, and eighteen months in prison, including eight months suspended on his colleague police brigadier. The third defendant, a security assistant who had just been admitted to the peacekeeper competition, was sentenced to one year in prison, including six months suspended.

“If there had been money, we would have taken it to divide it into three”

On February 4, 2017, the three officials entered a building at around 10 p.m. on the pretext of a nighttime noise and smashed down the door of an apartment with a ram, weapon in hand. An informant had told them that this accommodation was used as a “nurse” for a drug resale network operating in the neighborhood.

According to this informant, the money must have been in a bag in the entrance, but the police finally found nothing. At the hearing on June 25, one of the defendants, in the police for eighteen years, admitted that “if there had been money, we would have taken it to divide it into three”.


policemen wanted steal money convicted drug traffickers

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