Île-de-France Mobilités threatens to no longer pay RATP and SNCF

Île-de-France Mobilités threatens to no longer pay RATP and SNCF
Île-de-France Mobilités threatens to no longer pay RATP and SNCF

The transport authority is asking for a state subsidy to compensate for the financial losses linked to the Covid.

Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) again asked the State on Tuesday for a subsidy of 1.3 billion euros to compensate for the losses linked this year to the Covid-19 pandemic, threatening to suspend “all or part»Of its payments to RATP and SNCF.

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«There can be no way out of the Covid crisis in Île-de-France without compensation for financial losses on public transport, as has been done everywhere else in the world», Declared the president of the regional transport authority Valérie Pécresse, quoted in a press release.

«Without support, a badly started plan»

«Without support for public transport, the France 2030 recovery plan is already poorly underway», Quipped the elected (Free!), Also president of the Ile-de-France region and candidate for the nomination of the right to the presidential one. “Without the commitment of financial support from the State, Île-de-France Mobilités will be obliged to suspend all or part of its payments to public groups RATP and SNCF from the end of September 2021.“, Threatened the institution, noting that the level of attendance currently reaches 70% of its level of 2019, for a level of transport offer”almost equal».

IDFM pays 400 million euros per month to RATP and 300 million per month to SNCF, according to the press release. The regional authority is based on “the review clause”Contained in the protocol signed with the State in September 2020, after having already suspended payments to the two public operators. This indeed provides for a “reassessment of the situation in the event of further loss of resources attributable to the health situation».

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However, IDFM forecasts for the current year losses of the order of 1.3 billion euros corresponding, for around one billion, to the decline in tariff revenue and for around 300 million euros, to that of mobility payments. , the tax paid by companies. For the 2020 losses, IDFM had obtained from the State 1.45 billion euros in reimbursable advance and 150 million in subsidy.


ÎledeFrance Mobilités threatens longer pay RATP SNCF

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