a needle-free vaccine being developed in Tours

a needle-free vaccine being developed in Tours
a needle-free vaccine being developed in Tours

The patent for the new nasal vaccine against Covid-19, developed by the mixed Biomap team of INRAE ​​and the University of Tours, was filed on September 7. The tests carried out in particular on mice were found to be 100% positive. As a result, three advantages put forward by the researcher and pilot of the project, Isabelle Dimier-Poisson. In addition to the absence of bites, the new vaccine administered through the nose blocks the contagiousness of Covid-19 by acting on the nasal mucosa, the portal of entry and multiplication of the virus. In this way, it finally acts more effectively against the propagation of variants. As part of a call for projects launched by the National Research Agency in March 2020, the Biomap team received a boost of some 160,000 euros from the Center Val de Loire region. Combined with other sources of funding from the state, in particular, the seed phase has so far cost around 500,000 euros. The development of bio-drugs mobilizes a substantial part of the funds allocated to research by the regional authority in order to strengthen the medical sector, one of the five most active in France. In addition to the Biomap team’s project, four other projects will benefit in 2021 from dedicated regional funds to the tune of 700,000 euros. ” We have invested 20 million euros since 2015 in this niche, assures Anne Besnier, Deputy Vice-President for Higher Education and Research. We also act in support of laboratories to help them direct national and European funding. ».

Marketed within two years

It remains for the team of researchers from Touraine to prepare the clinical trials of the new vaccine on humans, which will be carried out in 2022, for approval purposes. It should be put on the market in 2023. To carry out these two phases, a startup is being created in Tours. Scheduled for the fall, it will be co-directed by Isabelle Dimier-Poisson and a future industrial partner. The young growth will also embark scientists in order to make the process even more credible. The financial stake is heavy since it will have to raise approximately 15 million euros until the marketing of the future vaccine. The objective is then to ensure its production and exploitation. The Récipharm manufacturing laboratory, based in Monts in the agglomeration of Tours, has already promised its collaboration. The site of the Swedish group has already been producing the anti-Covid-19 vaccine from the American Moderna since the spring.

Guillaume Fischer, in Tours

14 Sept 2021, 17:40

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