British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s mother is dead

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s mother is dead
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s mother is dead

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson mourns his mother. According to a statement from the family, from which several newspapers unanimously quoted, Charlotte Johnson Wahl died “suddenly and peacefully”.

According to a media report, the mother of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson died on Monday. Charlotte Johnson Wahl was therefore 79 years old. That reported, among other things, “The Times”. The British newspaper quoted from a family statement.

Johnson Wahl died “suddenly and peacefully” in a London hospital on Monday, the reports said. Prime Minister Johnson himself described his mother as the “highest authority” in the family. At his first Conservative Convention in 2019, Johnson said his mother taught him that everyone is equally important, dignified, and valued on this planet.

Johnson Wahl, a successful painter, was born in 1942 to the lawyer Sir James Fawcett, who was President of the European Commission for Human Rights in the 1970s. Wahl was best known for her portrait painting.

Johnson Wahl suffers from Parkinson’s nerve disease

In 1963 she married Stanley Johnson, Boris Johnson’s father. She had four children with him. She was the first married student to ever study at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, to graduate with honors. In 1979 the couple divorced.

Johnson Wahl later married the American professor Nicholas Wahl and moved to live with him in New York. In 1996 her second husband passed away and Johnson Wahl went back to London. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 40. However, she did not give up painting at the time.

Numerous politicians expressed their condolences online. “I am very sorry to hear about the loss of the prime minister,” Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer wrote on Twitter. “It’s so sad to hear about Boris Johnson’s mother’s death,” tweeted Conor Burns of the Tories.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnsons mother dead

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