For a revolution in HR policies for tourism in France

For a revolution in HR policies for tourism in France
For a revolution in HR policies for tourism in France

And there came coronavirus crisis. And this famous year 2020 which accelerated new changes. The world some imagined beautifully during the spring 2020 containment has changed its costume and does not necessarily resemble that sketched in long sessions of brainstorming.

But it is certain that bases which for a long time seemed intangible have structurally changed. Aspirations have evolved. One could evoke in particular the act of giving meaning to the journey. Or the necessary desire to consume better, more locally and in accordance with the values ​​of environmental justice.

The job market is no exception to this new rule. The generations of employees of today or of future employees no longer resemble those of yesterday. What was commonly accepted is no longer so today. This applies to many trades related to services. The summer of 2021 has shed a harsh light on the recruitment difficulties of tourism companies.

How many restaurants have not opened or have had to close because of this workforce crisis? How many maids did you miss in hotels this summer? How many resignations sent by SMS overnight and flawed HR solutions, mobilizing all the staff, in a sort of desperate ballet to ensure the minimum of services to the customer?

Could the list be long of observed deficiencies, despite record activity in many establishments with historic frequentations in coastal hotels? We must not be mistaken in the reading grid, at the end of the year, when the financial reports will insist on the “performances” of the establishments whereas they will have been carried out under more than constrained HR conditions.

As part of a recent tour of major establishments on the Côte d’Azur, and interviews with operational hotel managers, many dysfunctions and situations have almost become ” normal This summer were reported to me.

Some professionals have found the solution by calling on students from hotel schools in Hauts-de France or recruiting seasonal workers in Eastern European countries, for lack of candidates in a territory claimed as one of the main destinations. tourist attractions in the country and where unemployment is still high.

The HR situation of tourism in France is at a disruptive moment
, in particular for the hotel and catering trades. We identify as anachronistic the cuts that stretch the working days over a period of time that employees – especially the youngest – no longer accept today, the necessary balance between professional and personal life, or the wage demands that justify the refusal. accept low-paying jobs. We are experiencing a real break in social times, which greatly influence life at work.

Candidate Macron published a book in the fall of 2016 entitled “ Revolution “. It is indeed a revolution, and not only Copernican, that we are talking about today. And which it will be in each of the chronicles ” Those who do tourism – jobs, skills, training ” future.

A revolution on the scale of each territory and each destination which implies a radically different policy on the part of the State, a new corporate responsibility and more human-oriented management, different employee commitments or a new format of training.

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