Two dead in the crash of a tourist plane in the Yvelines

Two dead in the crash of a tourist plane in the Yvelines
Two dead in the crash of a tourist plane in the Yvelines

Dark day in the air this Sunday. While a helicopter crashed this afternoon in Isère, leaving one dead and several injured, a tourist plane in turn crashed at the end of the day in the Yvelines. The accident happened around 7 p.m. in the village of Autouillet near Thoiry.

On board the ULM, the two occupants died. At the time of this writing, they are being identified by the gendarmes. The circumstances of the accident are not yet known. The aircraft, which left a private runway at Autouillet, crashed during takeoff. He was found further away in a field.

Fire quickly brought under control

At this hour, the weather was sunny and “there was no particular traffic in the area,” said a source familiar with the matter.

Twenty firefighters were mobilized to extinguish the fire, which was quickly brought under control. “Even if the plane cannot explode, there are still pyrotechnic charges which have not been neutralized”, explains a firefighter.

The sub-prefect of Rambouillet, Hélène Géronimi went there. An investigation was opened by the Versailles prosecutor’s office, it was entrusted to the air transport gendarmerie brigade of Toussus-le-Noble, a specialist in this kind of cases.

Series of crashes in 2019

In the area, four other planes have already crashed in 2019. First in Épône, a septuagenarian had to land in an emergency in a field because of an engine failure before turning around. A few weeks later, a vintage Spitfire plane had overturned at the end of the runway at Les Mureaux aerodrome upon landing.

Then, in Jumeauville, two passengers of an ULM were killed in a third crash. Finally, an ULM had crashed near the Chavenay aerodrome in October. There again, the two occupants of the aircraft, an instructor and his student, licensed at the Jean-Bertin flying club, had not survived.


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