for Marine le Pen, this election will be “a choice of civilization”

for Marine le Pen, this election will be “a choice of civilization”
for Marine le Pen, this election will be “a choice of civilization”

The race for the Elysée continues for Marine le Pen. On the occasion of her return to school speech in the Var, she declared that the presidential election in 2022 “will not only be a choice of society, as previous polls have been able to be, it will be a choice of civilization”, in front of some 900 militants gathered in the Roman theater of the city who chanted regularly “Marine president”.

“The French have the right to live like the French”

“There will only be two alternatives” in 2022, “either the dilution of France by deconstruction and submersion (migratory note), or the salutary start that will bring France into the third millennium around the idea of ​​Nation” , added Ms. Le Pen, in an allusion to the theory of the “great replacement” (of the European population by an immigrant population) praised by Eric Zemmour but of which she does not share the conspiratorial aspect. “We come to a crossroads where one way leads to the abyss and the other to the top,” said the candidate who disagrees with the “pessimism” of Eric Zemmour.

“In France, the French have the right to live like French people. Delinquents will be put out of harm’s way, French delinquents in prison, foreigners on the plane,” she said, also promising a bill on immigration, which she will present in early October, which will be submitted to a referendum if she is elected to the Elysee Palace.

The European Union singled out

Presenting herself as the “president of French freedoms”, she proposed “free trains” for students and young workers, outside of rush hour. Marine Le Pen attacked the health pass, which represents a “disproportionate attack on freedom”, even if we “are not against vaccination” against Covid-19.

She also castigated the “dictatorship” of the European Union by promising to “engrave” in the Constitution, after referendum, the superiority of French law over international law. “International decisions contrary to a constitutional principle will simply remain unenforced.” Lashing out at the “deafening silence of so-called feminists”, a frequent target of Eric Zemmour, she promised to free young girls from the “obscurantist yoke” of the “interior Taliban”, proposing that those convicted of sexist outrages be entered in the register of criminals and sex offenders.


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