The warm “kenavo” of Tri Yann at 50 years of stage

AFP, published on Sunday, September 12, 2021 at 01:49 a.m.

“People were carrying us. They were both happy and unhappy to see us go and we were both happy and unhappy to say goodbye to them,” Jean-Paul Corbineau told AFP on Saturday evening. one of the three members of Tri Yann, after his last concert in Nantes.

The legendary Breton rock group said goodbye to 50 years on the stage after a three-hour concert and four reminders, with thanks, putting an end to a career of exceptional longevity for this group which knew how to give a large audience to the Breton music.

Like 2,000 people, Evelyne Rioué, a 61-year-old teacher who has been following them since 1975, came “to say thank you for all the emotions, the dreams they made pass, for all the notions of equality, of fraternity – of true fraternity – which they have been able to distill over the years, “she told AFP.

At 35 years old, Nolen Nicolas, nurse, also emerges plumped up. “Each time, it’s the same emotion and tonight, it’s a little more knowing that we will see them again. They brought me so much, they brought so much to the public that it’s hard to say. that we will see them more, “he admits.

Les Trois Jean (who are in fact eight on stage) had invited for the occasion former members and friends, such as the singer Bleunwenn, or even Nolwenn Leroy and Erik Orsenna.

“We end with joy and a kind of sharing,” smiles Jean Chocun, 72, one of the founding members. “We are part of a path, of a movement, of what people have sown, we are part of that. We campaigned for a recognition of the authenticity of Brittany, of Breton ethnicity”, he added on Saturday evening.

Initially scheduled for March 28, 2020, and already full for months, this last concert had been postponed multiple times due to the health crisis.

It was Jean Chocun who convinced his cronies Jean-Paul Corbineau, 73, and Jean-Louis Jossic, 74, that it was time to hang up. “Physically, there is a moment when you have to be reasonable,” he slips.

For the last dates of this “Kenavo Tour”, Jean-Louis Jossic was also afraid “to do half the concert seated”, according to Mr. Chocun. Reached by “a neurological problem”, the lead singer of Tri Yann, known for his bleached blond hair in firecracker, suffers from pain in the arms and legs.

– A tour started in 1970 –

This final show marks the end of a tour that began in December 1970 in Plouharnel (Morbihan). The three young men, who are not yet called Tri Yann, then sing the “Pastourelle de Saint Julien Maraichine” in front of a handful of friends.

Jean-Paul Corbineau is a buyer for a supermarket in Nantes, Jean Chocun administrative assistant at Compagnie Générale Transatlantique and Jean-Louis Jossic professor of history and geography. They string together the Breton balls and are quickly called the “Tri Yann an Naoned” (the “Three Jean de Nantes” in Breton).

Fans of Bob Dylan or Hugues Auffray, they strive to bring Breton and Celtic music out of its ghetto, to “make it something more popular, more open”, in the words of Jean-Paul Corbineau, guitarist and singer, in an interview with AFP in 2020.

Their first album sold out in a few hours and, in 1972, they performed at the Olympia, opening for Juliette Gréco, then became professional musicians the following year.

– The Beaten Jacques Brothers –

After rather acoustic albums, mixing covers of traditional songs and personal compositions, Tri Yann begins a more rock turn which remains one of his distinctive signs.

With more than 3 million albums sold, concerts at the Zénith, Bercy, and even at the Stade de France, the fame of the Tri Yann is well established. They sang in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Tunisia, Georgia, Louisiana as well as in Quebec and Wales. In France, they broke the Frères Jacques longevity record. “It’s only the Rolling Stones that we don’t beat!” Jokes Jean Chocun.

If the scene is over, the group still has projects in progress, such as an album on the history of Brittany told through songs. For the rest, Jean Chocun will devote his free time to shore fishing, Jean-Louis Jossic intends to publish his tales and Jean-Paul Corbineau wants to travel in France and abroad.

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