three dead in the crash of a tourist plane near Dijon

Three men died in the crash of a small tourist plane on Friday near Dijon, we learned from the firefighters. The aircraft, which was carrying only the three victims, crashed for a still unknown reason not far from a runway at Darois aerodrome, north of Dijon, the same source said.

Originally from Essonne, born in 1949 for one and in 1957 for the other two, these three men had taken off from Nancy for a journey with several aircraft in the direction of the Etampes flying club, according to the prosecution.

The place of the crash indicates that the plane could have been diverted in order to land in Dijon. At the time of the crash, the weather conditions had been made relatively complicated due to a rain shower, according to the first elements of the investigation.


dead crash tourist plane Dijon

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