New draft of the Corona Handling Ordinance: Brandenburg is considering the introduction of the 2G rule

New draft of the Corona Handling Ordinance

Brandenburg is considering introducing the 2G rule

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09/11/21 | 4:12 pm

It seems as if Brandenburg is catching up with Hamburg and introducing the 2G rule in the new Corona handling regulation. This step is described in a draft available to rbb | 24. By Georg-Stefan Russew

Brandenburg is apparently considering in the new Corona handling regulation, which is to be discussed in the coming week and probably also decided, to introduce the so-called 2G regulation nationwide throughout the country. A corresponding draft is available from rbb | 24. First, “Bild” and the “Märkische Allgemeine” reported.

2G nationwide in Brandenburg

Paragraph 7 of this paper states that organizers and operators such as restaurants, clubs, sports facilities, theaters, museums or zoos can limit access to people who have been vaccinated or have recovered. The draft expressly states that submitting a negative corona test is not sufficient to be able to enter cultural and leisure facilities. The 2G regulation – vaccinated and convalescent – should also apply to children from the age of twelve. This should also apply to the staff who have direct customer contact, it says in the paper.

Operators and organizers who want to apply the 2G regulation must report this to the respective health authorities. You are then free to expel the unvaccinated from the door. Those who apply the 2G rule can then use their full capacity. According to the draft, the number of visitors to events should be limited to 5,000; in private settings outdoors to 100 and indoors to 50.

SPD was open to 2G a few days ago

SPD parliamentary group leader Erik Stohn had already announced on Tuesday in Potsdam that his parliamentary group would welcome “if option models are run for operators that use 2G to provide greater economic efficiency but also greater security for companies and for operators of facilities” . For them there should then be no requirements, for example for visitors per square meter. Stohn called for children under the age of twelve not to be marginalized during visits because they could not be vaccinated.

The CDU would like to adopt the tenor of the Hamburg regulation. There, organizers and hosts can decide for themselves whether they only let in vaccinated and convalescent people, who are then largely exempt from the corona restrictions, or whether they accept tests. In terms of clubs, the CDU recommended adopting the Berlin regulation. The Senate allows clubs and discotheques to reopen for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered.

Cabinet resolution is due on Tuesday

On Friday, the spokesman for the Brandenburg Ministry of Health, Gabriel Hesse, stated that a prerequisite for 2G would be that the corona vaccination should actually be available for all those willing to be vaccinated. So it must be clarified from when one can assume an unrestricted vaccination option. That time seems to have come with a view to the draft in the ministry drawer.

The paper is reportedly to be discussed in the cabinet on Tuesday. Changes are still conceivable.

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Contribution by Georg-Stefan Russew


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