Twitch is suing Austrians over hate campaigns

Twitch is suing Austrians over hate campaigns
Twitch is suing Austrians over hate campaigns


More and more users are complaining that the platform does not manage to stop hate messages.

Das US-Streamingportal Twitch has two users from Austria and the Netherlands because of racist and homophobic hate campaigns sued against streamers. According to the complaint filed with a civil court in San Francisco, the platform is demanding indefinite damages from the two users. The targets of the hate attacks by the two users were therefore often members of ethnic minorities or the LGBTQ community.

Instead of the real names of the sued users, Twitch only mentioned their account names in the court documents. Behind the account “CruzzControl“Hides a user based in the Netherlands,”CreatineOverdose“Should live in Vienna. Twitch still had to find out the correct names and wanted to submit them later.

Hate messages via automated accounts

The two are said to have coordinated their hate attacks since August. According to Twitch, they flooded the chat histories of the attacked users with “racist, sexist and homophobic language” via bot-controlled accounts. Bots are programs that can send messages or other content quickly and automatically.

According to Twitch, they sent dozens of hate messages per minute, which made it impossible to moderate the attacked chats. According to the complaint, Twitch had blocked the original accounts of the sued users – but they created new accounts under which they continued their attacks. The two therefore belong to a whole network of users who spread hatred on the streaming service.

Users have boycotted the platform in protest

That about the US digital giant Amazon Belonging to Twitch became big as a platform for streaming computer games and is also widespread in Europe, especially among teenage males. The streamers film themselves while playing and can interact with other users. Because of the increasing hate campaigns, numerous users boycotted the platform in protest last week.

Female, non-white and LGBTQ players in particular have been complaining for months that the platform fails to stop the hate speech, while at the same time retaining half of the streamers’ income. Twitch stated that it is working to improve programs to protect users from abuse.


Twitch suing Austrians hate campaigns

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